1. filmcmahon

    diy anti-feather pecking spray/balm?

    hello! my girls have been very sassy with each other lately and have been pecking at the smallest 2 out of 6 hens. does anyone have a successful recipe for anti-pecking spray or cream, or know of a brand that makes, it available in Ontario? the only one i seem to find is from the UK:rant help!!!!
  2. filmcmahon

    random blood on neck and head of chicken!

    so today my six chickens were free ranging in the yard for about two and a half hours under my supervision from the kitchen that looks on out to the yard. they had a typical free range, mostly digging under a pine tree and the shrubs. the abnormal thing is, when i went to put them in their run...
  3. Maine_chic

    At wits end!!!

    I recently posted about a feather picking problem. I don’t know how to resolve this issue!!!! I cover her vent (the area of feather loss) with Blue Kote daily which helps camouflage the bare area but now all of the hens are taking occasional little pecks at her. She has no wound, per se, but a...
  4. Siyabonga Mama

    My rooster is mean to one of my hens

    Hi there! I have a problem that I hoped would resolve itself, but instead it seems to be getting worse. I have a roo who I think is an Austrolorp, six Gold Comet hens aged 2-3 years, and an older Buff Orpington hen - around 4-6 years old. The Buff Orpington seems healthy - I've looked her over...
  5. R


    Hi! My baby girl Billie Jo is having some tough times right now. She is molting, HARD. She is getting picked on. Her back is very much so raw and bloody. We don’t have any roosters! This afternoon when I went out to let her out she was very lethargic, seemed as tho she was very cold, and she...
  6. minaayindra

    Behavioral issues, bullying

    I have 4 guinea hens I received when they were around 3-4 weeks old. The 4 grew up together but, of course, one was always a little at the bottom of the pecking order; that said, no one was really pecking or bothering each other at that time. Much to my surprise, I ended up with 3 roosters and...
  7. D

    Molting or bullying?

    I have a Russian Orloff in a mixed flock, and she has been molting for several weeks but she is now getting red and sore on her head (see picture). Is this just part of the molt or an injury? Something else? I have another hen (copper Moran) who is currently separated from the flock as she was...
  8. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Bullying, Egg-Eating, and Depression?

    Poor Darla our EE is having a rough go of it. She's a new layer, can't figure out how to use the boxes, is getting her eggs eaten, and now is the target of bullying. She's also seemed to have gotten depressed, or worse, is under the weather. Original thread is here...
  9. BMONoire

    Young Sussex with red/bleeding leg(s) and discoloured and swollen ear lobe

    I am new to the lovely life of all things chicken and I have 4, 22 wk old Sussex who have just started to lay this past week (I am not sure if ALL 4 are laying yet). Last week my smallest chicken, who is also the sweetest one who likes to go for walks with me and get pet, was getting bullied by...
  10. ChickenLover741

    Small Cochin Hen is Getting Bullied Pretty Badly. Time to Rehome, or Other Options?

    I recently bought three new hens to add to my little flock- two brahmas and a cochin. Now, I'm unfamiliar with the cochin breed but I've heard they're bigger chickens and the one I have seems a lot more like a bantam to me. Anyway, the brahmas are settling in decently but the cochin is getting...
  11. josh117

    Pinless Peeper- Smaller Size???

    I am trying to get my Silver-Laced Wyandotte, Prudence, and two other hens to be friendly to my new girls and hopefully integrate them, but the older hens keep pecking and terrorizing the new girls. I decided to turn to the Pinless Peepers. They fit on my other two hens, but not on Prudence. She...
  12. ChickenLover741

    Introducing Smaller Hen into Flock of Young Assorted Hens?

    Recently was given a small hen that I think is a cochin? She has feathered legs and I don't think she's laying yet but I'm unfamiliar with the breed. Anyway, I have a flock of 9 bigger hens that have just started coming into lay (wyandottes, Easter eggers, black giants, columbian rock crosses)...
  13. Double Yolked

    Rewinning flock trust?

    How long does it typically take to rewin flock trust? I'm more than curious as this last 2 days I had a marked change in my flock. Suddenly for no clear reason, all my hens have gone skittery on me. No squatting, everyone runs when they see me. It looks like I'm going to have to re-tame the...
  14. hot_breakfast

    How to stop older hens from bullying younger hens?

    I recently got 2 young hens, both of them are around 2-3 months old. My older hens are around 1 year and 4 months old, and they won't stop bullying the younger ones. The little ones are too scared to even come out and drink water. What should I do?
  15. spiritpots

    Why is one of my chickens molting in July?

    I hope someone can help me with this! I have three new chickens (now 16 weeks old) and have been in the process of integrating them to my existing flock of three chickens (each about 17 months old) for the last several weeks. Today I noticed that one of the existing chickens, a Maran, has...
  16. S

    Hen bullying

    Hello everyone! I have a Amerucana hen picking on the others, a small silkie for the most part. It all started when she started crowing one day. Everytime she crows she becomes evil and pecks the other girls. The weirdest thing is though that we have a rooster (a different silkie) who crows as...
  17. S

    Hen being ostracized after absence

    Hi there! I've been using this website as a resource for the small flock of chickens I took over from my mother, but this is my first post. A couple weeks ago we thought one of the hens had been taken by a predator while free ranging during the day. Ten days later I found her trapped in a roll...
  18. sofiagrace901

    Raccoon Attack and Bullying

    a little less than a week ago, my buff orpington, kung pao, was attacked by a raccoon at 1 AM. her eye was swollen shut and she had a small wound on her neck and under her wing. all of these wounds are doing very well. she’s opening her eye on her own and it isn’t crusty anymore. now for the...
  19. BigBlueHen53

    Three Nights in Jail, Right?

    Three nights for a bully hen, right? Our older flock consists of eight hens and a year-old rooster who has just earned his spurs, so to speak. The younger flock is 14 weeks old and yes, we did integrate them a little early by a couple of weeks but for the most part it's going well. The chicklets...
  20. O

    How do I help my rooster from being picked on?

    Four months ago, I purchased 10 Australorp straight runs. After a few weeks, we noticed one of the chicks was forming stripes and found out we’d received a barred rock by mistake. I was so excited! A couple of months later, we realized we had 8 roosters and 2 hens! One of those roosters is the...
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