bumble foot surgery

  1. UrbanHenKW123

    Bumblefoot healing

    Hey guys! So I have a question about bumblefoot - I originally treated it about 6 weeks ago (dug out the infection, foot soak, polysporin, wrapped the foot for a week etc). Two of my girls had it on both feet. Their feet no longer seem red or swollen, but the scabs are there on 3 of the 4 feet I...
  2. Saaniya

    Bumblefoot emergency

    Hello I have been treating Bumblefoot from years and it always Recover ..but in recently my rooster devloped Bumblefoot which was hard I apply some lubrication to soft the scab and decided to soak in Listrine and salt cleaning it with medical grade alcohol ..and wrapping it with silver...
  3. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Re-Post: Early Stage Bumblefoot? Need Help.

    Re-posting this with fingers crossed I might get some good leads: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/recurring-bumblefoot-early-stages-photos.1377448/
  4. P

    Possible Bumblefoot and Definite Nail trauma

    My red star sex linked chicken lost a nail this week. I was finally able to wrangle her for examine her more closely and her foot looks awful. It seems like bumble to me, but I want second opinions. If it is bumble, does it appear too advanced to treat with vetricin? I'm leaving for a trip soon...
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