1. A

    Button quail sexing

    Can someone please help me to tell if these are male or female? All three pictures have them in the same order but each one has a better shot of each one individually. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Livvy0987

    Quail design contest

    Quail design contest! Design a quail! You could describe a quail that you wish was real! There isn't a prize, it's just for fun. If your an artist, draw the quail! I will make a describing template. For instance colors of the quail, size, personality, shape, whatever you think! If you have a...
  3. Livvy0987

    Im gonna sound crazy... Quail diapers?

    Well, I have a button quail. He is quite the pooper. I really want to be able to let him sit with me while I do school work. He LOVES cuddles, I just don't want tiny turds everywhere. I discovered https//www.flightquarters.com/bird-diaper Is that crazy? I tried to sew my own. I can never get it...
  4. Livvy0987

    Really, really random question...

    Hello! I was wondering if buttons needed/use toys. I often find my quail re-arranging his tank. He grabs anything he finds. Almost like he's decorating. Is it crazy to give him "toys"
  5. Livvy0987

    Cute as a Button

  6. Livvy0987


  7. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Button quail chicks violently dying

    WARNING!! THIS POST INCLUDES PHOTO AND VIDEOS OF ONE OF MY BUTTON QUAIL CHICKS DYING TRAGICALLY. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! These babies were hatched on Friday June 26. They are 4 days old. When I went to check on them this afternoon, I found the mother sitting on all 4 of the babies...
  8. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Buttonquail chicks keep dying?!

    Hello all, My hens have naturally hatched dozens of chicks over the passed few years, and I lose about 75% of them. I had 4 hatch 2 days ago. I was able to catch one yesterday before he passed. I held him until he died. Then today, another. I though he was already gone but when I picked him...
  9. MarsQuails

    New Quail Owner!

    Heya everyone! I joined this community as my bf and I are getting button quails soon, and I’d like to find as many tips/help as I can before they come home! :) (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I’ve been raising chickens since I was a young kid! My very first was...
  10. Murphy_the_Hooligan


    Hi everyone, I just so happened to be walking by one of my cages that had a basic brown female buttonquail (and her mate) in it, when I noticed the female flopping around belly up all over the cage. The male wasn’t doing anything. After a few seconds, she landed on her stomach, with her head...
  11. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Buttonquail Identification

    I have a red breasted hen and a white rooster that hatched babies. The babies are now 3.5 weeks old and their down suggested 1 white and 2 red breasted chicks (4 didn’t make it) but judging by their feathers, the “red breasted” chicks appear to be basic brown hens that may or may not be growing...
  12. cuckleberry

    Button Quail Lockdown (no pipping)?

    Hello! I feel bad kinda posting right after making an account but I wanted to make sure we weren't about to lose our first clutch. We ordered button quail eggs off Ebay and they arrived November 22nd. The reviews all said they were fertile so we took our chances with it. We let them sit out for...
  13. S

    Button Quail eggs

    I bought some button quail eggs off of Ebay and iv'e had them in the incubator 17 days and on the 15 day i put all the eggs in water none of them moved beside this one, but nothing is happening(no pipping, peeping or moving in the incubator) so i was a bit concerned. Please please reply.
  14. jannisol

    possible worms in button quail ?

    five days ago i noticed my female button quail who is a year old was fluffled up in a corner and sleeping most of the day, i have been giving her corid and i seen small improvement but shes losing a lot of weight now shes super thin but she still eats here and there, not much. shes still...
  15. Jannisol Sanchez

    Button quail is sick

    Does anyone know any good medicine for button quail. Shes sleeping a lot and shes all fluffed up in a corner. Shes eating well but her droppings are mostly water or brown watery. Ive been feesing her a lot of cucumbers and mealworms as well as her feed.
  16. Quincy Buttons

    Re-homing two male Button Quails in California

    Hello, I'm looking to re-home the two healthy adult male button quails that I have raised in the Bay Area (California). Recently, one of my females have passed away, leaving one of my males lonely. I have to go to college next year and I need help to give these guys a new home! They have been...
  17. Quincy Buttons

    Female Button Quail, sudden change in poop, behavior, and protruding breastbone.

    Can someone help identify the problem with my female button quail? She's ~2 years old (average lifetime of 3 years), has stopped laying eggs for several months, lives indoors alone, in a constantly clean cage. A few days ago I noticed that her poop has turned ashy grey and watery (been eating...
  18. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    What Color ButtonQuail is this baby?

    Hi everyone! One of my pairs of Buttonquails hatched this baby! The mother and father are both basic brown. Both of their parents are basic brown and silver. What color is this hen? I have attached photos from the day she was born and what she looks like now. She is 3 weeks old and the only one...
  19. tothefifth powe

    Button Quails Mysteriously Dying

    Hello! I hatched around 9 button quails a few months ago (Mid February). Around two months ago, they started laying eggs, including the two quails I am about to talk about. About a month and a half ago, we had a problem. One of the quails ended up being sick. She had her feathers puffed up and...
  20. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Injured male button quail!

    I was given a silver male and a basic brown female sometime in October. I allowed them to hatch a clutch of 6 babies. They hatched in early November, only 2 survived, a basic brown male and a basic brown female. They have all lived together in their cage all this time without an issue. Both...
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