1. Phantom_k9

    Advice for buying birds during COVID?

    Hello all, Last week, we lost a bird to a hawk, and just this morning we lost THREE to a neighbors dog. We have been trying to buy some birds / chicks for a while now, but so far every hatchery has been either sold out or requires you to buy like 25 birds just to make a purchase. Currently, we...
  2. echickens

    Looking to buy 2-3 Pullets (Preferably 10-14 weeks old) near NJ

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase 2-3 pullets to join my flock. I need a couple more chickens for the winter and my current flock is around 12 weeks old. I am looking for Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Jersey Giant, or Wyandotte, but I'm not too picky as long as the breed will be friendly...
  3. Songbird21

    Looking to buy emus. I live in eastern CT

    My brother and I are trying to start an emu farm. We currently have one adult male and a baby about a month old. Our boy is very lonely since his mate decided she hates him and we had to sell her. Anyone know where we can buy some birds within about a 2 hour driving distance from Canterbury CT?
  4. C

    I want to hatch eggsss

    I've had chickens before, once one of my hens went broody and we gave her at least 24 fertile eggs, (12 at a time), and none hatched. :( So I am looking to hatch eggs, because it's always been my dream. I am looking for quail or chicken eggs, or maybe another small bird that's available. But I...
  5. C

    Louisville KY Hawk left me with one hen looking for any breed

    Hi everyone, I'm in Louisville KY and a Hawk got one of my hens (I only have a flock of two!) I'm looking for a started hen. Around a year old would be great, but older is okay too. Please help! Craigslist has been a bust and I don't want to wait for a chick to grow. Willing to drive up to an...
  6. P


    I am not new to raising birds. Haven't done it in a while though. I raised chickens for eggs, quail, ornamental pheasants, turkeys, chuckars, and a duck or two. I incubated eggs and raised to adulthood, but now I live in Las Vegas and can only have a few chickens. I have been a taxidermist since...
  7. S

    Teaching my daughter! (First time I’ve hatched eggs in 10 years)

    Hi all, thanks for reading. My two year old daughter is desperate for hens and ducks, and for someone her age she is extremely inquisitive. She understands they come from and egg and grow - and even that in some cases they’re eaten! So this will be my first hatch in 10 years (I used to keep...
  8. JustAPetLover

    Where can I find the Excelsior Nesting Pad with the cheapest rate?

    Hi Chick Lovers, I am new here and nice to meet you all. I want to buy Excelsior Nesting Pad 150 Packs (10 Pcs per Pac) 13" x 13" I need that many because I have big farm as well I want to keep some stock. Anyone know where can I get that many Nesting Pads with the Cheapest Rate? Thank you...
  9. DuckFrenzy247

    Fertile Duck Eggs

    Hey Y’all! I’m in the market for some fertile duck eggs! Willing to buy or trade!
  10. Mandolyn776

    Looking for a Pullet - Central Alabama

    Looking for a pullet of any breed to be a companion for a hen that found us. Able to pick up within a 4 hour drive from Auburn, AL. Willing to pay, just not crazy prices. Thanks! :)
  11. L

    Does anyone have baby chicks or ducklings ? Bklyn,NY

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this site. I'm looking for baby ducklings or chicks? Or if anyone knows of any breeders, hatcherys, farms. Any place we're I can just find baby ducklings or chicks? I live in Brooklyn, Ny , will travel to Long Island, New Jersey or Staten Island , also if...
  12. Calhoun-Chick

    Cincinnati-need to thin out our flock HENS

    We just have too many to manage. If anyone in the Cincinnati would like some beautiful, sweet, great egg layers, please reply! We have 25- 1 year old hens. Would like to re-home about 10 of them.
  13. Phoenixmum

    Is anyone in Australia selling fertile black Sumatra eggs?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of where to buy fertile black Sumatra eggs to incubate form a quality breeder please
  14. emu6200

    Where can I buy Cassowary eggs?

    Hi I've been looking around everywhere but I can't find anyone selling Cassowary eggs, anyone know where I can get an egg or 2? ThankYou!
  15. TashaFrancois

    Swap in Kansas City area, MO & KS

    Kansas City Swap, Trade, Barter BYC is not responsible for transactions outside the BST area of the forum. All swaps are at the swappers risk and in no way will the Staff be involved in disputes. All disputes should be handled privately as per BYC Rules. No feedback and no feedback threads are...
  16. TashaFrancois

    Hatching Eggs to Barter/Sell

    Hatching Eggs Swap BYC is not responsible for transactions outside the BST area of the forum. All swaps are at the swappers risk and in no way will the Staff be involved in disputes. All disputes should be handled privately as per BYC Rules. No feedback and no feedback threads are allowed in...
  17. 3

    Looking to buy laying hens Lehigh Valley/Tamaqua PA

    I'm looking to buy two fully grown but young hens locally. We love our Americaunas, though I would be interested in other docile breeds such as Easter Eggers, Dominique, etc. They are our pets but would prefer a breed with good egg production. Willing to pay more for beautiful birds. Willing to...
  18. olayak

    Chicken Run - Buy or Build?

    Hi, We bought a great chicken coop for our babies but now need a chicken run. I thought I found one that I could simply modify, but it was sold out :( We live in the country, plenty of mice, weasels, foxes, feral cats, coyotes and even a bear or two (although it has not been seen near where I...
  19. Shmegel

    Where to Buy Single Adult Pretty Coturnix Hen (hopefully online)

    Hello! I am raising coturnix quail for eggs and as pets. I currently have three quails, two females and a male (Pharoah, Texas A&M, and Tibetan/Red). I’m hoping to get an additional laying female to add to my flock, as the male tends to mate when anxious and it can stress the females (they’re...
  20. TheChickenKid01

    Selling 7 Ayam Cemani chickens

    I am selling 7 ayam cemani chickens. 1 rooster and 6 hens. The hens are laying right now. The rooster isn't aggressive at all. Must buy the whole flock of chickens. We keep all our chickens happy and healthy. Fed and watered every day. Message me for price. Will also trade for nigerian dwarf...
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