1. TheDawg

    Anybody else...

    Constantly finding yourself trying to use BYC emojis elsewhere!? Cause I am. Like... I’ll be on Facebook or Twitter or texting someone and I will literally type out : lau or : love (without the spaces of course). Or I’ll be wanting to use this one :ep or this one :hide because 😱 or 🙈 just...
  2. Bird_Lover_17

    unofficial poll: BYC or BYH?

    Hi. Recently, I started an account on backyard herds. I have already noticed that I like BYC better. Here are my reasons: 1) Colors- BYC is blue and colorful, while BYH is brown 2) Not confusing- The different types of forums have different drawings, unlike BYH which just has cows 3) Maybe...
  3. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Kiera’s Hollow Wildlife Rescue

    Hi there! I am soo glad that I have finally joined BYC. I have used valuable information off of BYC for over 3 years for my wildlife rescue center in South Africa. I take in wild bird’s eggs all the time and need advice on homemade incubators and hatching eggs every now and again. I also want to...
  4. PioneerChicks

    Is BYC more active than usual?

    Is it just me, or has there been a significant increase of new threads and new members? Or is it just chick-season traffic? Either way, I'm so happy that new people are finding both BYC and chickens! Hopefully most of these new members stick around! :welcome:celebrate
  5. PioneerChicks

    BYC Is Like...

    In the past few days I've come to realize how much BYC (BackYardChickens) is like a flock of chickens. The BYC Staff Members are like the human owners. They spend time and effort into working here to improve and upgrade the "coop". They provide a safe, knowledge stuffed, family friendly website...
  6. Tortilla

    Muscovy Mother Duck Food

    We have a Muscovy mother duck and we dont know what is recommended for her to eat but with the help of this beautiful People we will Discover Thanks!!
  7. MagpieDucks

    Featured Thread/Article Archives?

    Sometimes I will remember a thread or article that was featured a few days ago, and want to read it again, but can never find it. :barnie Is there a way that someone could keep an article up and running with links to all the featured threads/articles from the home page so that people can find...
  8. CaramelKittey

    Hi BYC!

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of sites like BYC for a long time and have learned a lot from them! I have a lot of ducks, chickens, and other animals too! I have a ton of different breeds and enjoy showing chickens too! Like many, I have had many struggles with predators, efficient feeding solutions, and...
  9. Skipper81

    Rooster behavior and more

    I have a bunch of roos and hens most of my roos grew up together and 5 are brothers I was going through old photos today and noticed something odd about my rooster brownie which him and his brother fought an owl an lived with minor scratches The fight happens at night in the pitch dark and...
  10. H

    Hi, again!

    Hello! I left for a little bit but came back. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Emma (not my real name, I don't believe I'm allowed to say my real name), I live in California, and I have two chickens. Hazel, my 9-month-old Golden Laced Wyandotte hen, and Hope, my year old White Plymouth Rock...
  11. [E]thernet

    Backyard but small area for chicken coop

    I am going to build a chicken coop, something with inspiration from this, and then place it in my backyard to keep my 3 chickens. My problem is, I have a decent size backyard, but most of it is used up. I have attached a file that gives a very vague visualisation of my backyard. I have no idea...
  12. WyanDotteMeow

    Naming wyandotte number 2!

    A few hours ago, I created a poll On what I should Name our first chicken. And The poll closed and the results where in. The chickens name is dixie! But now, We are naming The second chicken!
  13. ChickenGirl555

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Ever since I joined (a month ago :lol:) everybody has been so nice and helpful! This really is an awesome place to meet kind people, and especially get help fast! Now there's a lot of things AMAZING about BYC and I'm thankful for this website, and the people who use it. What are you thankful...
  14. Delightful Bits

    BYC is informative and engaging...

    I love all animals, but I think chickens in particular are very cute and hilarious. I've been bookmarking posts about chickens for weeks without knowing that they originate from the very same source. Once I've figured that out, I've decided to become a legit member here :) PS: I don't have any...
  15. My Love for BYC!

    My Love for BYC!

    Hello, BYC community! I looked at the logo os the website and I thought to myself, wow, that is really cute! So I couldn't help but draw a modified version. I used Sketchbook Express to draw this! I hope you like it! Lauren Kim Also, click the photo to see it full screen.
  16. Chicken Lover!

    What does it mean? | Eggs

    Hia everyone!! I just have a few questions about chicken eggs, if you can help :bun Also, can you please explain these in a non scientific way, so I can understand it, haha So, what does it mean if your backyard chicken lays: 1. Wrinkled eggs It is common for me that my chicken lays eggs that...
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