1. CanadaEh

    Need help with oyster shells

    We have been feeding our hens eggshells we have saved for years from store purchased eggs (and later their own), but eventually have run out and had to buy crushed oyster shells. However it appears they don't like them very much. They used to gobble baked and hand crushed egg shells like...
  2. FathertoFeathers

    How much calcium?

    I ordered some baby chicks awhile ago and they’re expected to get here on Thursday so I got Putin’s flockraiser for the baby chicks and the full grown ducks. I forgot to get oyster shell to go with and just barely ran out of layer feed and just got back from tractor supply. :barnie:he So before...
  3. JoTing

    Shaky leg, calcium deficiency?

    Hi All, I have 3 runner ducks now (5 weeks old). One has a very shaky leg for last two weeks, will stop if it repositions it’s self but generally starts shaking again. It. doesn’t have an issue walking, running etc other than the shake when standing. I’ve been giving it brewers yeast since I...
  4. analyticalblonde

    Five Girls Laying...Five Haven't Started Yet...Help with Feed?

    Hi All, Since I can't determine which of my five girls have started laying and which aren't, I am concerned that I have started ALL the girls on Layer feed but read that I could be hurting the girls who haven't started laying. I read in an article that only layers should get layer because the...
  5. Wisewillow

    Chicken - weird food question

    Can chickens eat human teeth? I can’t find this anywhere on the web. I have a whole bunch of my kids baby teeth and I’m wondering if they’d be appealing/ breakable/ provide calcium for hens. Anyone have knowledge or a guess about this? I think my kids would get a hoot out of feeding their own...
  6. Urban Waddler

    Duck Egg Shells thin and bumpy.

    So, My 1.5 year old Pekin has always laid great, hard-shelled eggs with no blemishes. Lately, her shells have been rough, thin, and full of calcium deposits or rough build up bumps. I always thought those bumps meant too much calcium. But then, thin shells meant not enough. She gets one to two...
  7. C

    Hen Eating Her Own Soft Shelled Eggs

    Hello all. I discovered that one of my hens is eating her own eggs. This has been going on for less than a week, though details are a bit hazy as friends were visiting and kids were collecting eggs. I believe it started with a soft shelled egg that became broken in nesting box. Today I heard...
  8. SenpaiChickens

    Weird eggs.

    A assume my Orpington hen has calcium deficiency, I’m not giving oyster shell right now but I’m gonna buy I’m just making sure because her sister had an internal laying problem that we had to put her down for. They also eat All Flock and not layer, we have so many poultry it’s just easier to...
  9. J

    thin shells

    I noticed a thin shell from one chicken Pinky, so I ramped up the calcium with yogurt, black fly larvae, and oyster shells. Their organic laying pellets and grain are for laying hens. She recovered quickly.
  10. Emerald Rife

    My mallard duck is egg bound,

    And I can't seem to help her. Our mallard duck has been egg bound for about 3 days now! She has been bound before and I fixed (or so I thought) the problem. She went a month without getting bound a second time. She's been eating the same food that she's always eaten, when she can that is. She...
  11. Kris5902

    Thin shells in new layers.

    I’ve been feeding a 19% broiler pellet with oyster shells on the side to my mixed flock because I want to avoid excessive calcium in my breeding Boys diets and it’s the closest thing I can get to an all flock feed. I Have broilers arriving Sunday as well. My pullets have been laying for about a...
  12. UrbanHomesteadMama

    Soft/thin Shelled Eggs Overnight off the Roost

    Hi All, I’m a bit worried about my Olive egger. She was egg bound with a soft egg twice in the last couple months to the point where I gave her warm bath and brought her inside. Thankfully both times the rest came out. I added oyster shells in another dish to the coop (it’s in their food too)...
  13. WannaBeHillBilly

    Two month duck(lings) eating oyster shells

    Hi friends, decided to put this matter into a separate thread and not append it to the spring-duckling thread because they are technically still ducklings but they look and behave like grown ups… There is a small bowl (3" pipe end-cap), filled with crushed oyster shells in the duck house to...
  14. T

    Soft shell, but sand/bumps on the eggs

    Hi! Both of my girls started laying this month. My first layer hlgive us great eggs. Her sister, who started about a week or two later, always had little sandy piles of bumps at tops of her eggs. So I switched their food to a 16% layer crumble. Chicky 1. still gives us great eggs. Chicky 2...
  15. IamRainey

    What's the difference between grit and oyster shell?

    I give my chickens both. Plus crushed eggshells. But the grit and the oyster shell particles are about the same size. They appear to have the same density. I know the grit is essential to grind down the other food they eat but wouldn't the oyster shells do the same thing? Certainly the shell...
  16. Kris5902

    Chicken feed for mixed flock

    Ok, I’m wanting to feed a mixed flock of layers/breeding Roosters, and don’t want to feed a layer pellet because of the calcium levels in it. I’m trying to get them onto pellets, because they are tossing the dry crumbles out and I want to minimize coccidiosis risks and stop the huge amounts of...
  17. Kris5902

    Layer feed and breeding/roosters

    If layer feed’s higher calcium levels are detrimental to non laying chicks, and is not generally used for meat birds either, would it possibly have a negative effect on a rooster in with the hens for breeding?
  18. S

    Chickens not eating oyster shells

    I own three ducks and four chickens and recently discovered one of my ducks is a male. Originally my plan was to integrate everyone to share layer feed, but now I don't want to feed my male duck excess calcium. So I bought normal flock grower food and I bought oyster shell to supplement the...
  19. T

    Marble Powder

    Is marble powder a good source of calcium?
  20. Calcium Helps Build Egg Shells

    Calcium Helps Build Egg Shells

    We all know that calcium is required for egg shell production. If we have a hen that lays soft or thin shelled eggs we boost her calcium intake. So what should we be giving our flock to assist our girls to make strong, healthy egg shells? More egg shells, of course. I ask my egg customers to...
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