1. L

    Intro in Concord, CA

    HI ! this will be my second go round with chickens. Previous flock aged out, my kids were not interested any more, and I took a break. Now I've moved to a new house, and it had a cute little playhouse in the back yard. I was contemplating how I was going to get rid of this solidly built...
  2. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  3. Rlmp817

    ISO Bantam Cochin eggs but....

    I am in California, so you MUST be in driving distance from Atascadero, CA. We are under shipping quarentine and chicks/eggs cannot go through the postal service, sooo... I am willing to roadtrip a bit :D
  4. C

    6 healthy, 1 year old layer hens need a good home, SF Bay Area

    We love our ladies, but we are blessed to be having a second child and it's turned out to be too much work for us to handle our next transition! Beautiful hens, healthy, all good layers, fed all organic feed since we raised them from chicks. Pickup or delivery if you're close. We live just...
  5. TexasAMQuailLab

    Flight-Ready California Quail WANTED for RESEARCH!

    Hi, ya'll, 30-60 adult California quail wanted for our research project at Texas A&M University of Commerce. We are looking for an even ratio of males and females, or as close to even as possible. We are willing to drive a fair distance so don't be shy to respond even if you live more than a...
  6. frogeyed

    Neighbor complaining about noisy hens; what can I do?

    I never had an account here until now, though I often "lurk" here for advice for my chickens. The reason I made this account is because this is an "emergency". I'm a teen living in Lancaster, California. I have 3 hens and two juvenile chickens. Just today, my mom had said my new neighbor(s)...
  7. iroeldjoeldj

    Available Chickies Southern California

    Chickies are flying out of the coops! While I love to keep all ages, lately the chickies have been flying the coop! Let me know if you have been waiting for chickies…I have a large assortment of ages, and breeds. I love to put together multiple breeds in a coop, so you can bring them home...
  8. jjcalvi1972

    Excited to raise chickens for the first time!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are new to chickens! Want to learn about the process first, but aiming to add 2 chicks to our family this weekend (7/27) and later transition them to our outside coop (already here in our Eureka rental). (2) How many chickens do...
  9. S

    New Member

    Hi all, I am Bailey and new to both this forum and chickens! Luckily, my other half has had them all his life, so he’s a big help. I’m currently designing “Chicken Fort Knox,” as we live in a redwood forest with a ton of rascally raccoons. We’re digging down with two feet deep with 2” x...
  10. classicsredone


    Looking for quality Croad Langshans in northern CA and Nevada. We fell in love with Croad Langshans, and we are replacing much of our flock with Langshans. We have crummy luck when it comes to the pullet/cockerel ratio. We got four chicks, lost one, and the surviving three were all boys. We...
  11. GuineaFowling

    Sapphire Olive Egger Rooster

    I have a beautiful sapphire olive egger that turned out to be a rooster. I assume he is a cross between a blue copper Marans (Blue plumage and feathers on legs) and crested cream Legbar (crest). He is not an aggressive rooster at all. While my other roosters have pecked me when I go to pick them...
  12. 9SpiceyChickens

    Californians **Beware!!! Newcastle Outbreak**

    *Read Down For More Info* Please, Please, Please do NOT go to any California shows, trades, hatcheries, or other flocks until otherwise noted. I will be keeping this post updated. Hello. :) I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Currently...
  13. Emu559

    Anyone looking for chicks in central California?

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some chicks for my newly renovated coop. The local hatchery in Fresno, CA has a 25 chick minimum. I only need 10-12 chicks. Anyone want to split an order?
  14. Al Gerhart

    Virulent Newcastle Disease or VND, Lots of Anguish, Little Solutions Offered

    Wow, what a disaster for the backyard chicken community in California. Just got through reading the SOB post (save our birds) and what struck me was a lot of anger and heart break and little discussion on what is best for the backyard chicken community. And I know this is a sore point for...
  15. pipnzipdip

    Light Sussex cockerals (North CA)

    I have five Light Sussex cockerals that will be 8 weeks on Mothers Day weekend. We live near Sacramento and <10 minutes from both Hwy 99 and I5 for easy pickups. These were purchased hatching eggs.
  16. flutemomc

    FYI for those in recent fire burn areas!!

    Hi everyone, We live in Santa Barbara County just below the Thomas Fire burn scar. We got tons of smoke and ash during the fire (we did evacuate including the chickens to another area) but our chickens seemed to be fine afterward with no respiratory problems. Unfortunately, over the past...
  17. katsalamon

    10 Rhode Island Reds in San Gabriel Valley (California)

    Hi, I have 2 friends that need to re home their flocks in the Arcadia area. One has 3 (2 year olds) and one has 7 (1 year olds). The both have coops and runs that they would sell but the chickens are free. They have all been fed organic diets only. The 7- 1 y/o's are currently laying and the 2...
  18. Cat00000

    Red Shouldered Yokohama Cockerel

    Hey everyone. I am saddened to say that I have to sell my roo. He is 5 months old and has started crowing. No one has complained yet, but I don't want it to go that far. Local pickup in Tracy, CA 95376 please. Asking $15. I have spent so much more on him than that both with money and love. He is...
  19. iroeldjoeldj

    Baby Chicks available So. California

    Beautiful, hand and backyard raised chickens. These baby chicks are active, happy and healthy. Days Old Baby Pullets – 10 each Easter Eggers, White Leghorn, Austrolorp, Ameraucanas, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock and New Hampshire Red. Hatched 11/5 Days Old Silkies -- Straight Run – 10 each...
  20. VyeFye


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am brand spanking new to chickens. I have two pullets that are almost 6 weeks old and 3 chicks that are a week old. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 5. See also, not enough. (3) What breeds do you have? I have a...
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