candling eggs

  1. K

    First time incubating *duck eggs*

    Hello, my duck eggs are on day 4/5 (coming up to) from time put in. I'd like to know if this is develpoment starting. Also one of the eggs is abit larger then the rest and has the same but it's two smaller dots?Or is that normal . I know it's super early still really hard to see on camera but I...
  2. Kajoda929

    Candling chocolate eggs

    Well, I can't upload the videos for some reason, but I have found something that worked, at least for me, for candling very dark eggs! I ended up getting an actual candler(since I obviously couldn't see through these with a regular flashlight) and was still having trouble...Even after looking...
  3. Ducks and geese7

    How much should I candle my geese eggs?

    I currently have a broody goose who is sitting on 8 eggs. I am wondering if it is okay to candle eggs everyday? Or should I candle them less. I am extremely excited to have goslings but I don't want to do something to go wrong in the egg. 🦆
  4. Vantic

    Hatching, Learning, Candling

    This is my second time incubating eggs. The first time was a nightmare of changing incubators (three) to be exact (41 eggs turned into 18 chicks, not bad for it snowing while collecting the eggs). This time, I overloaded with 53 eggs. I have a 41 egg auto turner and of course, the virus...
  5. A

    Vein streaking Day 7 bumped incubator

    This is the third time I have incubated eggs. I candled a couple of the eggs to show my little brother what they looked liked. Between Friday and tonight (Sunday), the veining has changed on them. They are not as large as they used to be and now I have what looks like streaking of the veins on...
  6. Sarahgonzales17

    First time incubating

    This is my first time incubating chicken eggs. I am currently on day 14. My candling has seemed to go very well up until eggs seem very “full” and the movement seems very faint. Is this normal?
  7. Wonderling

    When to do a one and only candling?

    I have 11 eggs in my incubator, they were anywhere from a day to 2 weeks old when they went in, and all were laid within 3 weeks after I got rid of the rooster so I'm expecting a super low hatch rate. I'm still new to this but I wanted to only candle the eggs once (less chances of me dropping...
  8. A

    First Time Broody - Candling Help Needed! Pics!

    We’ve had 4 hens for about a year now. A couple of them had been broody before but none since we got them until a couple weeks ago. Our BCM “Scramble” went broody and I couldn’t break her. It was pretty clear she was committed. SO, I got 8 fertile eggs from a local breeder. 6 of the eggs are on...
  9. Dfarago

    Clutch of eggs different cycles?

    can a clutch of eggs be in different development stages? I candled my eggs (being incubated by mamma) and they look like they’re in different stages. Some look like they’re closer to 20 days. Whereas some look like they’re close to hatching. You can see movement in the eggs. She is in the same...
  10. CLovesDucks

    One of my duck eggs seems too far along compared to the others

    Hi BYC friends, This is my first hatch. I have 9 ducks eggs; 4 mallards and 5 runners. I candled them on day 5 because I couldn’t wait to see how my babies were progressing. I candled them again today, day 7, and they all appear to be healthy and progressing as they should but one (my...
  11. Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling one of my mallard eggs at day 6.
  12. houseandhomestead

    Candling Duck Eggs, Duck on Nest 24/7 (photos)

    She started about 8-9 days ago sitting on her nest full time. I candled today and see a lot of eggs that look like this.. what does this mean? She’s a khaki Campbell.
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