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  1. A

    First Time Broody - Candling Help Needed! Pics!

    We’ve had 4 hens for about a year now. A couple of them had been broody before but none since we got them until a couple weeks ago. Our BCM “Scramble” went broody and I couldn’t break her. It was pretty clear she was committed. SO, I got 8 fertile eggs from a local breeder. 6 of the eggs are on...
  2. Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling First Duck Egg

    Candling one of my mallard eggs at day 6.
  3. Newduckmommy1221

    Please help me see if my duck eggs are well developing! Candled day 24

    Hi guys, please please let me know if my Indian runner duck eggs are developing properly in the egg!!! I candled them just now and it’s day 24. I have had the temperature at 99.5F and humidity between 40-45% throughout their incubation period. I’m in Canada so it’s a lot chilly here. I will...
  4. Cyprus

    Seeking Turkey candling pictures

    Hello Friends! I am currently attempting to incubate and hopefully hatch out 4 turkey eggs. These eggs are not the most ideal for hatching and this is an experiment. I have never incubated or hatched any poultry eggs before. I am looking for quality candling pictures of turkey eggs at any...
  5. P

    Please someone help

    I have NEVER incubated anything, but the other day I found a duck egg all alone under a tree. It was cold when I picked it up, but I didn't want to risk it being alive so I grabbed it. Anyway, I candled it as soon as I got home, and it was completely clear with kind of a thicker part in the...
  6. C

    Candling - Day 3?

    So I know I’m suppose to wait till around day 7 to candle, however I had one egg that I had handled quite a bit so I figured since it seemed to be the lightest color (light blue) I’d try candling it. Does it look like there’s anything there? Or is it too early to tell? Thanks!
  7. Feather Hearts


    About two weeks ago I found one of my ducks had gone broody. I had been monitoring her for that time. Anyway one morning I went to check on her, and one of the eggs had broken.I lifted her up and she went crazy. The nest was quite a climb uphill, she got the egg in her beak. Lodging her beak...
  8. Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    Development of a Chicken Embryo Day by Day

    This is an explanation of what is happening each day as a chicken embryo develops, complete with candling pictures. The egg I am using is a silver spangled spitzhauben. Definitions you may need: Vitteline membrane: The membrane that surrounds the yolk and separates it from the white...
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