1. JaneBrook

    Rooster/cockerel starting to crow- who’s used a ‘collar’?

    Hi everyone- need advice about my cockerel ‘Poach’ Has anyone used a no crow collar? What’s your experiences with caponising? Or do any of you have any advice about how to stop a rooster crowing {loudly} or at least quietening him down? Can anyone share their experiences…
  2. Thechickentrainer1999

    Calling out capon owners

    This is a thread for people who own a capon (nueterd rooster) only. I currently have a 20 week old cockerel who is starting to become really aggresive with my hens and there is one he absolutely loves to terrorize constantly, all day literally and it absolutely puts her into shock I'll say and...
  3. TabbiMae

    Raising Muscovy (newb questions)

    So I got 7 new babies yesterday! We are really excited, the person we got them from said 2 were boys, 1 she was unsure of, and the other 4 are girls. We plan on only keeping 4 of these babies and processing the rest. If feeding standard chick starter, around when did they reach 2-3lbs dressed...
  4. Desertstray

    Poulardizing / Caponizing

    I believe I have the Caponizing procedure established fairly well but could really use some help identifying the oviduct location to cut in the polardizing procedure. I have a few pics from the web but they are vague. ANYONE???
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