1. duluthralphie


  2. cluelesschickmother

    Starved chicks... one dead and one with enlarged crop!!

    I will preface by saying that I am really screwed up... I start with the story of what happened and end with my plead for help. We purchased two three week old splash silkie chicks to add to our flock of juvenile silkies from a wonderful small local hatchery. They supplied us with what we...
  3. S

    Complicated peafowl illness help

    Casportpony (Kathy)- I have done lots of reading on here but never posted. However, I am now at wits end battling an illness with young peafowl. Is it possible to email me so I can pick your brain? Thank you- M. Samek


    she made it out of the coop very slowly...i didnt see where she came from...but after finishing my chores in the run i noticed her sitting in the middle of the run...i tried to nudge her and she wouldnt move, i picked her up and set her back down and she just plopped down and spread her...
  5. sandloaf


    Our yellow chicken Salt had jumped out of the coop from the top roost and broke her femur bone (10/22). We splinted it best we could being that it is super close to the hip. Its been two days since. The foot on the broken leg is still warm which is awesome and we’ve been having to force her to...

    bumblefoot? too late?

    one of my buff orps had poop on her, so i scooped her up to get her cleaned up and noticed her feet were full of mud so decided to clean her feet as well, when i turned her over to dry her feet i saw a black scab on the bottom of each of her feet.......what do i do now? my other buff just had...
  7. 1 true Phoenix

    Help! Hen with sour Crop and watery yellow poop

    One of our sweet lohman brown hens has been acting kind of lethargic and has poop that is watery with yellow in it. I picked her up and noticed her crop felt full of mainly water with maybe a couple of pieces of corn and she seemed to swallow back the fluid when I was feeling her crop. I have...
  8. K

    Indestructible Tapeworms?

    I'm new here and I am about to tell you a story of indestructible tapeworms and a fairly new mother hen at the end of her rope. And ask a question or two. And yes...its probably going to be unnecessarily long. A few months ago, I found tapeworms (verified) in my chickens poop for the first...


    Can they all live in harmony, 2 silkies are 26 weeks, and 2 silkies and the frizzle are 16 weeks, they all seem to be doing fine, i let them mingle with the 17 hens i have for a bit every day supervised.....or do i see rehoming them anytime soon?


    ALTHOUGH the feathers and feet look the same, the faces are definately different, they are now 20 weeks old.....they were in the bantan bin at TSC, i am also assuming they are hens, no eggs yet, but no crowing either
  11. JensChickies

    Medicine advice for hen

    Good morning BYC! So I have a 4 yo hen that I noticed is having trouble breathing. It's not extremely labored, but its noticeable. She is currently on metronidazole for what I believe is canker. I dosed her with baytril 10%, but it's a year expired. I went to grab my Tylan, but it too is...
  12. RooandherRooster

    I was supposed to be getting Barred Plymouth Rocks. I got the girls, but what is this beauty?

    Hey everyone! I had a friend pick me up some Barred Plymouth Rock hens and a rooster from an auction. Well she got them, but the rooster has got to be mixed with something else. He is VERY handsome, but I don't know what he is. I want to have my broody chickens have babies, but I want to have...
  13. 1 true Phoenix

    help... c hen with possible wry neck

    This morning I found one of my guinea hens on the floor of the coop unable to stand or balance with her head to the side. i notice she had a few peck marks on the side of her face and neck. our 2 guineas are not friendly and are nervous around people so this will not be easy to treat. We...
  14. B

    Help Sick Peacock

    My female has re-accuring sinus infections. Please help
  15. F

    Need Help - Sick Peacock

    My peacock has not been acting right for several weeks. I took him to the vet and they did xrays, blood work, and a stool sample and everything appears to be normal. The peacock will be 3 years old this June. He is reluctant to come out of the loft or even go outside. He is eating and...
  16. autumn_g

    My hens stomach is sagging!! Doesnt look right!

    My muscovy momma Alice just hatched 18 eggs a1 week ago A few days ago u noticed her stomach looked very strange Is this normal? Why does it look like this?!?!
  17. BarnDoorClosed

    Please help duckling emergency

    I have 3 baby khaki ducklings, 5 weeks old. This evening I found one of the upside down on her back and she could not right herself. I stood her up and now she is very out of it. She couldnt have been that way at most an hour since I last checked them. Now she will not extend her neck out, she...
  18. SimoneG

    Penhen that picks her neck bald :( ideas?

    Hi guys, I've got a 2yr old peahen that won't stop picking all her feathers off her lower neck. Shes been dewormed (all in one & ivermectin 10 days later) dusted for mites, blue koted (she seems to like the taste) and currently trying vetrcyin spray. Shes been doing this all summer but now that...
  19. aflacmy3rdson

    My Aflac is hospitalized for 10 days now

    no one can figure out why aflac is quacking like he’s snuffed to death! He has deffenetely got himself a ton of mold in this house The inspector came out I don’t know how long it has been here I’m going to help department or tomorrow that Mold has been removed from the wall behind the dishwasher...
  20. aflacmy3rdson


    I believe that’s what this disease is called that I have been following for my sick Aflac who is not getting one bit better can anyone tell me if the antibiotic SMZ-TP can handle this disease.His voice is awful It seems like he just can’t breath correctly and it’s awful No one can figure it out...
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