cayuga ducks

  1. E

    Need to rehome 2 ducks in Raleigh, NC!

    Hi! My husband and I love animals and it saddens me to even have to do this, but we are looking into the possibility of re-homing our two ducks. I think they will be much happier in a home or on a farm with more ducks. I have one female Cayuga (named Pepper) and one male Khaki Campbell (named...
  2. Greystone farm

    How to stop over preening

    Could anyone help me to stop my ducks from over preening? Their all messing up their beautiful feathers by preening them away🙁.
  3. Greystone farm

    Ruffled feathers and missing tails😟😔😟

    Hi there! I’ve recently noticed that some of my Cayuga ducks don’t look very healthy....I suspect it might be overpreenin, but I just wanted to post here and make sure. So first of all, my drake and one of my ducks seem to be missing a lot of tail feathers, like they pulled them out. My mix, one...
  4. S

    2 week old cayuga ducks -EMERGENCY-

    Good morning! I'm new to this website I've been reading multiple threads about my ducklings but i truly don't know what else to do. I had 9 Cayuga ducklings when i left for work yesterday they all looked healthy and happy and had plenty of food and water. I came home from work at noon and 1 of...
  5. house.of.ducks

    Just some pics of my lovely Cayuga lol

    nothing serious lol I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures of Sumatra my 2.5 month old Cayuga duckling. There’s many more on my instagram @ house.of.ducks lol.
  6. Lifeiseasy

    Dragon Egg!!!

    Okay so it’s not actually any kind of dragon egg, but it still looks like one, scales and all! This is an egg that one of my Cayuga girlies laid earlier today.
  7. Emilily

    Incubating duck eggs

    Hello I'm currently incubating some Cayuga eggs and I've come to candle them , it appears only two are fertile but one has two dark spots which are wiggling so alive but does this mean two embryos ? It's day ten of incubation as well . Hopefully someone can advise .
  8. Goldenjen

    Hello from Oregon

    Hi everyone, I've been reading this site for ages and figured it was time to introduce myself. I live in Portland (OR) with my husband, daughter, mouse, fish, and two chickens, and I am currently on day 26 of incubating 8 Cayuga ducklings. I currently have one barred rock and one retired rescue...
  9. ChickenSweetie

    Cayuga Duck New To Hatching...

    I have raised chickens for many years, and have incubated eggs. This year I am attempting to have a Cayuga duck hatch some eggs. So far, she has a great nest, with 8 eggs. The other day she layed her next egg out of the nest, and did the same thing the next day. She is not yet laying on her pile...
  10. Miss Carcajou

    Sustaining Setup - Feed and Water ?s

    I have four cayuga ducklings that are a little over 5 weeks living outside in a refurbished chicken coop. They have a run outside with some cover and small water pools(rubber feeder pans). Inside, I have kept water and food available since they are still growing. I am looking for suggestions on...
  11. QuickGirl16

    My New Obsession

    Hello, I'm about to move on to my very own farm. While thinking of all of the possibilities I began thinking of all of the different animals I had growing up and all the ones I always wanted. I knew first thing I wanted ducks! As a kid we would raise ducks and sooner or later they would love...
  12. Camryncollins812

    Cayuga ducks, who has them in Georgia???

    Just saw a picture of a Cayuga duck and I am smitten! Curious to see if anyone in the tri-state area sells them!!! Help a girl out! Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky!
  13. M

    Looking for cayuga ducklings for sale in georgia

    I live in the athens area (Georgia) and I am in search of Cayuga ducklings. I want 5 less than three week old females and am willing to pay 8$ each (though you can contact me to negotiate that). I can drive an hour to an hour an a half away but any further than that and you would half to meet me...
  14. lillytheflower

    My Cayuga drake

    My male Cayuga duck is about 9 months old and keeps vibrating/wrapping his head around us/ and biting either our legs or arms. He also keeps doing the same to our hens and dog. I can’t tell if he’s trying to mate with us/ show us his love/ or is angry. Any idea why he does this? . Thanks!!
  15. Kenny_

    Duck Breeding Question

    Can a Cayuga Drake breed with a Mallard hen? Does that even matter the variety? Thanks for your time! Sorry if this is a silly question!
  16. Hamaarahof

    ** Alberta **

    Would love to find more people from our province. While we meet some at the poultry shows, this would be a cool way to connect more and share with people that do not get of the farm much;0) :frow
  17. Hamaarahof

    Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Thanks for adding us. We run a hobby farm in western Canada. I grew up with exotic fowl from peacock to Emperor geese, to regular chickens and ducks of different breeds. It is not so exotic for us now. We focus more on heritage breeds and have a handful of SL Wyandottes, heritage ducks and Rex...
  18. AshleyNicole06

    Need Duck Names...

    we rescued a Cayuga drake maybe 2 or so months ago.. he doesn’t have a name yet. We just call him black. Lol I want him to have a cute name like my other ducky’s. Their names are: Puddles, Waddles and Bear. And they are Rouens. Here is a picture of him..
  19. Pela Phillips

    Icey Cayugas

    First winter with my 4 ducks and first couple of single digit days. They have icicles all over their feathers. They have all the shelter recommendations for type of duck/number of ducks.What should I do? Should I be freaking out? Title should be “Icy Cayugas” not “Icey”
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