1. quackquackmeow

    2 Pekins Availble in Shelby, NC

    Meet Ollie and Simon, Two young 11wk old drakes in need of a new home. I promised my daughter's they'd be friends not food so you'd have to agree to that stipulation. (◔ ‿ ◔) They've been well fed on non-medicated feed, free range are great guys. We live in Shelby, NC and are always around...
  2. lindzlin

    Beautiful Giant Cochin needs home today! Charlotte area

    I rescued this chicken thinking it was a hen. He came accidentally with a friend’s order of Barred Plymouth Rocks and was getting terribly picked on. A couple of days ago “Mary” as my kids named him started crowing and only then did I do research and find out the breed. I need to get rid of this...
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