chick 1 week

  1. TheRoyalRoost

    Look at this FAAAAAACE

    Bantam calico Cochin ‘Poppy’
  2. LS chicklet.jpg

    LS chicklet.jpg

  3. CreeksideChicks


    Hi, I have 3 dozen young Serama that I’m donating. If you’re interested, post here or send me a private message.
  4. S

    Ameracauna female chicks for sale - SF Bay/San Jose NorCal Area

    Americauna chicks hatched July 8th, 2020. Sexed female and vaccinated for Mereks and coccidiosis by the hatchery. The Ameraucana is a pea comb, clean legged variety that originated in the U.S. Good disposition, non-aggressive & very cold hardy. Production quality, not for use in 4-H showing as...
  5. G

    Head shaking chick

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I have two beautiful week and a half year old Silkie chicks. They eat and drink well, get along well and sleep well. One of them does this strange thing with her head where occasionally she sways it side to side like a snake. This is sometimes...
  6. MamaGer8ty

    Different feathers mean different gender?

    I know it’s super early to tell but I was curious. We have two sex link chicks and they are almost a week old. Phoenix is a little bigger than Inferno and the feathers are different. Does that matter that the feathers are different or could they both still be hens? The first photo is Phoenix and...
  7. MysteryChicken

    I need answers, my chick seized, & died😭.

    My project chick started having seizures a couple hours after we cleaned the brooder. She was perfectly fine way before we done anything. Was running around all happy, eating, drinking, & pooping. What would cause this to happen so suddenly?
  8. Nendei

    Barnyard Mixes!

    If this isn’t allowed here, feel free to remove and such, I’m not really sure where to post this. I have some barnyard mixes that I’d like to sell! They are 4 days old. Straight run. Barred Rock / Jersey Giant mixes. We also have two 5 - 6 week young friendly roosters available as well. Pick up...
  9. Kenzelton the 3rd

    Should I give grit?

    Hey so I’m getting my day old chicks on Wednesday, I’ve done some research on whether to give grit or not. Some articles said that while I’m giving them chick starter, it desolves in water so they don’t need it yet. But some say to buy it just in case. I know once they start eating bugs, seeds...
  10. Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 9.50.19 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 9.50.19 PM.png

    Jicama: 1 week old mottled cochin bantam chick
  11. MrsLarson

    What breed is this gray hen chick?

    We got this little gray girl on May 19, 2020 from Murray McMurray Hatchery in a group of assorted layers. Can anybody help me identify her breed? These pics were taken this morning, 05/ 21/2020. She is about 3 to 5 days old. It looks like her legs might be turning gray. Thank you.😊
  12. Sophie 2020-05-21

    Sophie 2020-05-21

    "Sophie" Breed: unknown Hatched: May 18, 2020 Hatchery: Murray McMurray Received: May 19, 2020
  13. 0ddaudd

    When Can I Bring Duckling and Chicks Outside? (not permanently)

    Hey ! So I recently ordered 2 female Pekin ducks and 4 Rhode Island White hens, I was wondering when I would be able to bring them out? They’re 1 week old right now. Not move them outside permanently, but to just feel the grass and see the outside world haha. I would put them in a small fenced...
  14. Candy11

    Help! My cat injured a chick

    My cat injured a 1 week old chick. Her back has a chunk torn out of it and she's bleeding. What can I do to save her? She's peeping and still alert. Help!
  15. W

    Help! We need a different heat source

    Help! New member here! We are raising our first chicks, and there is a steep learning curve. We started out with a heat lamp, but now after reading about the fire danger and behaviorial issues I want to swap to a heating pad. I have one that can stay on constantly, and I have read about how to...
  16. 12chickens34

    What Breed is This Chick?

    She (or he) is currently ~1 week old with a single comb, dark spot on head, patterned wings, and non-feathered legs. I bought a Golden Sex Link at Lee’s, but I believe I received something else... Any ideas?
  17. Malpal55

    Cornmeal grit?

    Hello! I just adopted 5 chicks and one has pasty butt. Only the one has it so far and I've had the chicks about 5 hours. I read that they may need additional grit with there food to aid digestion. I did some research and repeatedly saw cornmeal being fed to chicks in place of store bought grit...
  18. kaddidle

    Chick ID?

    We got this cute little chick at TSC. She's supposed to be an orpington, but has feathered feet and the wing feathers coming in look like they could be frizzled. Ideas?
  19. A

    My chicks are getting ill and has some kind of infectious disease

    Hello everyone one, need some guidance i have hatched chicks who started getting ill and has some kind of spreading infection where chicks looks short of breath opening their beaks as if they are having air hunger and closing their eyes and dies in 1 day or so video attached please help Age...
  20. Filthybeastsden

    Unusual yolk sac issue

    Hey there everyone! This is my 3rd hatch, first hatch with my silkie mix chicks. They are hybrid. Of my 10 ferilized banty eggs 8 hatched, 1 passed away .. it was the runt unfortunately. One of the chicks I had to do an assisted hatch on has a weird issue I've yet to read about though! I've...
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