chick coop

  1. The Chick Coop

    The Chick Coop

    This coop is currently my newest addition, created in 2019. This coop follows the design of The Tall Coop, but is smaller. It can hold the same amount of chickens as The Tall Coop (8 standard-sized chickens) on the roosts but is overall more crowded. Actually, this box is the largest but I...
  2. CHlCKEN

    What can i use as a "chick coop?"

    i have everything set up, a section of the big chickens run, cut off for the littles, a feeder and waterer upgrade, plus grit and all the things they need. One thing i dont have is a "chick coop" or a shelter for them to roost in at night. I dont want them to outgrow it, however i want it to be...
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