chicken coop update

  1. FunintheRun

    Will my new roost be a problem, or will they adapt?

    About a month ago, I inherited a flock of 6 hens and a small coop from my mother in law. I'm brand new to chicken keeping but really enjoying what I'm learning and hope to make this work. The coop is only about 4x4, which from all of the things I've read and heard is a bit small for 6 chickens...
  2. boggart

    Renovating a 40+ Year Old Coop!

    This old half chicken coop half small livestock barn has been on our land for at least 40 years, and probably more than that. It existed when the previous owner purchased the property sometime in the early 80s! And it came with the best old barncat we called Tiger, who’s since passed away. We’ve...
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