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  2. Tuch baluch

    Tuch baluch

  3. C

    Chicken mommy

    I’m not a newbie but I’m always looking to get new advice or help. I live in the very northern part of New Hampshire. I had 13 chickens and 2 ducks a month ago. We have never really had ant issues with predators (thank God), until...a bobcat got into our chicken run. It killed 10 of our...
  4. MeowthLover_ThatsRight

    Hello everyone!!

    Hello!! Im new, and here are the answers to the sample questions: 1. I first got chickens almost 2 years ago! I gotta say, Im kind of a newbie 😅 2. I have 20 chickens right now!! 3. I have six americaunas, five black australorps, three brahmas, one buff orpington, one Rhode island red, two...
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  6. ChookieChicken

    My friend, Chookie.

    3 years ago I got a call from a friend to pick up a stray chicken who was unclaimed and soon to be euthanized by the vet. While I was watching the video of this mystery chicken, I just knew there was something special about her. My mum and I drove 40 minutes each way to pick her up. When I...
  7. aef1000

    My introduction to Chickens

    Recently, my current chicken passion has only been within the last two years when I brought my first group of chicks. However, as a kid involved in 4-H, I raised some New Hampshire chicks. Being a total newbie I really didn’t know much about chickens, however in the group of chicks I had, one...
  8. Green Tea : Awesome & Powerful Benefits For Chickens

    Green Tea : Awesome & Powerful Benefits For Chickens

    Hello everyone Happy Holidays! first . As you know my name is Saaniya i'm Psychologist & very passionate about chickens and their health and i keep finding all those natural and herbal stuff for your flock that makes your Backyard or Pet chickens super healthy . Today's article is all about...
  9. heathersheppard

    New Member, Long Time Reader

    Hello, my name is Heather Sheppard. I have been reading on this forum for longer than I've owned chickens. This group has answered many questions for me as I've prepared for getting chickens and along the way of having them. I got my first flock 2 years ago on May 5th. I ordered my chicks...
  10. ILoveSilkieChickens

    Hi from Missouri

    Hi, I’m from Missouri and I’m newbie here. I’ve loved domesticated chickens since the year 2000 but I could never get to have pet chickens until this year. I’m an animal lover and birds are among my top favorite animals ever. I have three chicken chicks. One is a Light Brahma, the other is a...
  11. L


    Hi! My name is Sabrina and I'm fairly new to chickens. I purchased two 1 year old leghorn chickens less than a year ago and fell in love with them! They had quite the personality and were great pets that laid delicious eggs! Unfortunately, I woke up one morning last month to three dogs eating...
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