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chicken names

  1. DontChickenOut14

    What Are Your Chickens Named After?

    I just wondered what everybody else is naming their chickens after, such as favorite TV show characters, food items, etc. I named my first group of hens names that all end with the letter a, and my second group is named mostly after anime characters. Lol, show me your best names!
  2. karenmragan

    First Born on the Stead

    I finally got a good camera so it's time to share pictures of my flock! Let me just start by saying I have had chickens for years, but I fell in love with chicken keeping last year. I allowed a broody NJ Giant to sit on her eggs, which I had never done before. I got my first chicks born on the...
  3. Awtdaniel05

    Name ideas for chickens contest

    :frowThis is a fun competition where you give me names for chickens and I pick the ones I like to use for my birds. I am going to need a lot of names have about 90 little chicks. :thumbsup
  4. C

    Cute names needed for baby chicks!

    help! I’m getting about 4 buff Orpington and 4 silver laced Wyandotte chicks this this weekend and I need a few name suggestions.
  5. Nats Chickens

    Punny chicken names!

    Here are some names for hens, Princess Layer and Doris Lay. For Roos Russel Crow and Buok Buok Rodgers. For both you could have Buok Choy. Who can come up with anymore? If so post it! And we can all laugh!
  6. R Ward

    Live Meat

    What is the most entertainment a chicken can give you? It's eating a treat. I would give my girls fruit and it was fun to watch them race around gathering up all the little pieces, racing each other to the next piece tossed on the ground. Last week I was clearing a wood pile when a medium size...
  7. poultry person

    Help me hatch chicks!

    You might remember me posting a thread about weather to hatch chicks with a broody hen or an incubator. So we're using our hen Butterball and she is sitting on 19 eggs but only 10 our fertile. So I wanted to know if anyone has some tips on how to hatch eggs or what they do when they start...
  8. Allie Grace Sanders

    I Need Names for My Soon-To-Be Chicks...

    Hello, BYC friends! I need some names for my chicks coming this March. I am getting the following breeds: 3 Americana (Americauna\Araucana), 4 Buff Orpington, 4 Barred Rock, 2 Golden Laced Wyandotte,3 Welsummer, and 2 Sapphire Gem. All female chicks... Also, how should I tell them all apart??
  9. IMG_1357


    Reese's, one of the sweetest of my hens and looks like peanut butter cup Reese's, hence the name.
  10. Jayecookie

    So excited but need help

    I am so excited to announce that I finally own chicks... four barred rocks to be exact. They are my favorite bird. I have named them Victoria (because Queen Victoria), Mary (Mary Queen of Scots), Gemini (gypsy theme), and Veronica (Ronnie for short cause I like the name). Do you guys have any...
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