chicken surgery

  1. ChickenKeeper8

    Small Impacted Crop: To Perform Surgery or Not?

    Hello fellow chicken lovers! I hope you guys can give me your opinions on my poor little chook, and her small impacted crop. So....Let me start to explain.... 2 weeks ago, my Rosie was acting constipated but had a large squishy crop. So, my first thought was sour crop. I gave her some yogurt...
  2. SniperGoose

    First time bumblefoot surgery success!

    Well I had a chicken, Aretha, that had bumblefoot that I just noticed today. It was a fairly large scab, so I operated. I had my mother hold her in a towel and keep her head covered while I worked on her foot. Aretha, for the most part, was very calm during surgery. While I'm sure it still hurt...
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