1. Chicken poppy

    Cochin breeders, your favorite combo?

    Personally, one of my all time favorites has to be the cochins. They’re sweet, gentle, adorable, and pretty hardy! an overall great chicken to have around. One of my favorite colors has to be the patridge or blue, and im curious to some breeders out there, your favorite combo of breeding them...
  2. EasterChickens

    Chicken loosing feathers!! Please help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a 1 year and 5 month old Easter Egger hen and she just started loosing a bunch of feathers starting from 2 days ago. I don't know what to do and i'm very scared something is wrong. When I also touch/pull out her feathers gently, it falls out very easily. Could this be...
  3. demonic

    Egg broken inside chicken? Pls help

    We have a chicken who we presume an egg is broken inside her or she is feeling some kind of internal discomfort. We are giving her an epsom salt bath right now and will rub Vaseline on her vent and also give her some tums. What other precautions and safety measures can we take?
  4. Chicken poppy

    Answer of the day #004 Chick Checklist

    Hello! This is answer of the day #004 Chick Checklist where i do some information topics daily. (Or try to) last post i ended up making errors and getting some information wrong, im not going to be doing major topics because i dont want to upset people or have potential errors. So i’ll stick...
  5. Chicken poppy

    working on, may edit later.

    ill probably edit the stuff back in here later! For the time being i want to get different/other info, sorry for all the blank threads!
  6. Chicken poppy

    Ignore this

    If you had already read this thread, sorry. I tried my best to make sure everything was right, ill be sure to clarify certain things next time.
  7. Chicken poppy

    Answer of the day #003 Pasty butt

    Hey! So ive already talked about pasty butt on my profile before but i figured pasty butt is just a really common thing that needs to be treated, so why not talk about it. (awnser of the day is a thing im doing daily to help with whatever i can in overall flock issues! This is #003) Pasty butt...
  8. Chicken poppy

    Do’s and Dont’s, winter chicken flock

    Hey! its getting into winter (for us anyway) and its super chilly! I noticed a lot of people have this problem so heres some advice of do’s and dont’s i have for you.. its gonna be pretty long so get comfy. Do’s DO rub petroleum jelly/coconut oil on their comb and waddle, this prevevents...
  9. C

    Hen yawning every few seconds

    So my hen is about 8 months old and I think she has some worms or something her poop is yellow and we’ve been trying to do stuff about that but I just walked out side and she was yawning a lot I’m not sure if this is normal or but please let me know, it might just be a one time thing since I...
  10. kaylyntheweirdginger

    Meet my birds

    So me and my husband bought a house in the country at the beginning of this year. I've always wanted chickens and he grew up on a farm. We bought 6 chickens at first and built our own 8x8x8 coop. And then we got 16 chickens from a friend and right now we are down to 10 of our friends chickens...
  11. CatJohanson

    A New Mother of Chickens

    Hello! I have a handful of chickens and am very passionate about them!
  12. C

    Is my “hen” a rooster ?

    We were supposed to get a white Cochin hen but this is not that. We don’t know what gender this is and it’s starting to look like a rooster to me, but Im not an expert and I have no idea if it is a rooster or a hen please help
  13. Redhead_Gardener

    New Member Old Hat

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I grew up on a small farm on a small farm in Glouscestershire England. Having pigs, chickens, and geese. In my first marriage of 10 years we owned a ranch for boarding and breaking horses as well as a productive and sustaining...
  14. demonic

    Is there a certain way chickens like to roost that doesn’t match my coop?

    I built a coop into one of my backyard sheds for my 5 hens a few weeks to a month ago, and obviously they would have trouble adjusting. they would fall off the roosting bars and basically slept everywhere but the roosting bars. However, nowadays I realize they do know how to get on it, but don’t...
  15. marsmallowthesilkie

    Copper's Chicken Service: where do you take your chickens for a walk( do you? )

    Do you have a chicken harness? If so, do you walk your chickens? Where do you walk them? I like to walk my polish rooster, Copper and some of my hens at the beach. Zhima the Ameraucana does not like to be walked, so I do not take her to the beach.
  16. marsmallowthesilkie

    Copper's Year Long

    Today, there was a little raining and the ocean got severe, but the chickens were fine. We barely get winter here and dry season can get hot! Copper did his morning crow and of course, we got some eggs. I had to bathe the silkies and remove the mudballs from Jokgu's legs. I saw very little...
  17. marsmallowthesilkie

    Silkie Food: Brahma Merch, yaaaasssss

    Here is a list of most wanted Brahma merch, take a look! Here are some links to the pics: https://www.mypetchicken.com/catalog/Chicken-Gifts-and-D-eacute-cor/Brahma-Mama-Mug-p3264.aspx...
  18. TheDorkFarmer

    I need help sexing my 8 month old Silkies

    Hi I have 5 silkies that were born on June 2020. I know 1 is a rooster and 1 is a hen. The other 3 are a mystery... Please help me lol Bird A Bird B Bird C
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