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  1. DdachickenBoy

    23 hens and rooster for sale!

    I am selling 23 hens and 2 roosters! All of them are between 10 weeks and 6 months of age! I’m asking $30 for each of my 6 month old deleware hens, $20 for Each of my 10 week old Easter egger hens And 10 week old White Cochin hens, $30 for my 12 weeks old male/female pair of French blue copper...
  2. W

    One-year-old laying hens for sale in Boulder Colorado

    One year old laying hens for sale in Boulder Colorado my wife and I are moving out of the country and are selling off our flock we started with 150 chickens and have a bout 35 left to sell. Breeds ranging from French copper Moran black copper Moran americana Arucauna red star leghorn… Please...
  3. A

    Bantam Speckled Sussex

    I used to sell bantam speckled Sussex’s a few years back I’m now back into selling bss and I’m wondering how much I should charge for them! I used to sell hatching eggs for 10 a piece is that to much or not enough? Also how much should I charge for chicks started pullets etc? I would love any...
  4. Awtdaniel05


    Hello, I am looking for some sebrights and was wondering if anyone has some for sale or knows someone who has some for sale
  5. XotkCkns

    Onagadori Chicks

    Can anyone help me find some Onagadori Chicks??? I am wanting to bring them into my Farm and start a large flock of them. This is a Beautiful Breed and deserve more attention than they get. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  6. Squeak61

    Chickens in CT

    Hi everyone, I have 3 hens and one rooster for adoption. I have a partridge rock hen (listed on a previous post) and three black turken growouts. The partridge rock is a beauty, and she’s from Meyer Hatchery (is mareks vaccinated). She’s about 8 months old, and lays consistently. The three...
  7. T

    Chickens and Chicken House for sale with fencing.

    I have multiple breeds of chickens, Hens and Roosters. I have Rhode Island Red, Bufforpington, White Leghorn, Silver-laced Wyndotte, Bard-rock, Americana, and a couple I don't know the specifics of. I don't have an exact number of chickens. Between 40 and 50. The chicken house and fencing all...
  8. Squeak61

    Chickens for sale in CT

    Hi everyone! I have three hens from Meyer Hatchery for sale, I have to thin my flock a bit. I have a partridge rock and a black silkie. Both are vaccinated for Mareks. The rock is about 5 months old, not laying yet. The silkie is 4 months old, and I’m almost 100% sure she’s a hen. I’m asking 20$...
  9. bobbyzapata

    2.5 year old chickens for sale!

    We have 5 two and half year old chickens for sale located in Covina, Ca. They lay eggs but we can no longer keep them because we are moving within a few months. We are asking $70 for all 5! 3 are aruchanas, 1 is a white chicken which lays white eggs, the other is a brown chicken that lays brown...
  10. The Great American Dominique

    The Great American Dominique

    Originating in the U.S. during the colonial period was the Dominique, also known as Dominicker. This is literally America's oldest breed of chicken. Now you would think because of the long history we have with this breed that it would be more popular. You would think more folks would love This...
  11. mclennanchicks

    Wyandotte's to good home- Massachusetts

    Hi, I need to rehome my 7 wyandotte hens. 3 gold laced and 4 silver laced. All great egg layers, get about 40+ per week from them. I just don't have the time for them, and we have a lot of predators so they dont get to free roam much. I have some pellets and some crumbles left. i will also...
  12. whatdaflockfarm

    Still hatching! NPIP Certified, 9 Breeds ages 1 day-24 weeks, we ship!

    We're What Da Flock Farm, LLC located in southeastern WI. We are NPIP Certified. We sell 9 Chicken Breeds ages 1 day - 24 weeks. --Available for pick-up or shipping (additional charges apply). Hatching through 9/30/17. Started birds and Fertile Eggs also available. Breeds: Black Australorp...
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