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  1. A

    New chick owner and very confused

    Hello! I’m glad to be a part of the chicken raising club but definitely struggling along this far. I think my brooder is too warm, but yet my chickens are all huddled together. They are panting, and definitely to the side of the coop, but they are also huddling and seem to be trying to snuggle...
  2. Saaniya

    New Babies With My Home Roosters

    I just Rescue these two lil muchkin ..with my tootoo teetee BYC helped me growing tootoo teetee and I know all my dearest pals here help me again ..
  3. H

    Sexing silkies and polish

    So I have 5 babies in one flock and no idea what sex they are, all are displaying dominance My polish girl (I think) however has recently started trying to crow. Any help guys?
  4. Tylerblockbuster

    Suprise chicks

    So a hen I have had a secret stash of eggs so you can probably see how I got caught off gaurd by the new babies. As this is only my second batch of chicks ever hatched by the mom I need some advice because i brought them inside and my mom hates the smell, and it gets to be 30 at night in the...
  5. T

    Adding chicks to mama hen 2 days after hatch

    Hi, Sorry to ask a question straight away but I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything specifically on this topic. I have a lovely, very maternal Light Sussex who went broody three weeks ago and I snuck 6 Barnvelder eggs under her. She sat on them like a champ but unbeknownst to me...
  6. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    My chicken hatched eggs... one died, one is sick and the last one is perfectly healthy... what do I do?

    One of my hens, Plucky, had hatched eggs! My dad figured this out when he saw her sitting strangely on the barn floor. However, when I had gotten there, there was a chick dead. The remaining chicks seemed fine at a glance, but when I looked at the smaller chick, I knew something was up. It...
  7. B

    Help with breed and gender

    Hi, I have no idea what breed or gender my chicks are! They are 1-2 days old. Any insight into breed and gender for each would be great! I know it may not be possible to sex at this age but any insight on when it will be possible would be great!Thanks, Beth
  8. GibsideChickens1

    Chicks aren't eating?

    So our black tail is broody for the first time and a few of her eggs just hatched but she and the chicks aren't eating or drinking
  9. IMG_3863 2.JPG

    IMG_3863 2.JPG

    My new batch of chicks!!!
  10. R

    Baby Chicks Under Mama

    Yikes! Broody hen has been sitting on eggs for what I thought was almost 2.5 weeks. Well now she’s sitting on a baby chick! Help! What do I do? She’s about 3.5 feet off the ground in her nest. I removed the big waterer and put a chick waterer in the coop. The coop is an old 10’x15’ barn. I...
  11. LDev

    My first hatch! Pic sharing

    Just thought I’d post a few pics of my new chicks hatched by my broody hen at the weekend. I have 1 Welsummer, 3 Lavender Araucanas (UK so ours have rumps) and 2 Indian Game/Welsummer crosses interested to see how they turn out as I like both of those birds but have never seen a cross...
  12. Black Bantam Cochin Chick

    Black Bantam Cochin Chick

    He's a little curious guy
  13. Blue-Birchen Bantam Cochin Chick

    Blue-Birchen Bantam Cochin Chick

    A baby blue-birchen pullet
  14. 1 Day Old

    1 Day Old

    1 day old and a hardy 26g
  15. Tan Bantam Cochin Chick

    Tan Bantam Cochin Chick

    Not sure about the color, but Blondie is a suiting name
  16. Blue-Birchen Cochin Chick

    Blue-Birchen Cochin Chick

    A newly hatched blue-birchen cochin
  17. E

    Looking for bantams or small standards in CT

    Hello everyone! I have two bantams and have room in my CT backyard for maybe 3 more bantams/small standards at the most. Preferably two I think. Does anyone have any available for sale? I really don’t want the little babies to deal with long shipping through different states. If pick up is an...
  18. N

    Urgent advice needed on hatching partridge eggs

    Hi there, a few weeks ago a well-intentioned family member popped some abandoned partridge eggs underneath the chickens we own in the hope that the hens would sit on the eggs and raise them as their own. They’ve sat on the eggs happily until now, but have started to attack the chicks as they’ve...
  19. egibsch

    Pics of our first flock

    I appreciate all the pics here on BYC, so I thought I'd share our crew! The first group is currently 2 weeks old. Purchased 6 from Tractor Supply (TSC) June 4 (hatch date June 1). 4 Easter Eggers (labeled as Americana) and 2 Cuckoo Marans. We will be sharing 3 of these with friends in a week or...
  20. K

    Mystery chick!

    Anyone know what kind of chick this is? We got a bunch today and this is the only one we couldn’t figure out, it’s not a Bantam and has pretty fuzzy legs!
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