1. RosyChickens

    Christmas Card

    It's a bit late, but wanted to share my christmas card this year - taken of 3 of my lovely ladies
  2. Blue Raptor

    🍪 Cookie Decorating Contest! 🍪

    🎄 Merry Christmas BYC!! 🎄 Everybody post pictures of your decorated Christmas cookies! The good, the bad, and the horrendous! 😂 Made these yesterday! The good: smiley, candy canes, Dalmatian and the pink+blue one! The bad: my pure frosting bridge with pretzel handlebars on a chocolate chip...
  3. DuckDuckPromise

    Looking For Baby Duckies?

    Hi Birdy Friends!! My sister has had a loss of ducks and chickens. Where would one look at the end of fall/ the start of winter for baby critters?! I don’t even know where to start. Lord’s Willing, I would love to get her some for Christmas. Any ideas are welcome, Like I said, I don’t know where...
  4. the_peanut_coop

    Santa's Reindeer

    All of Santa's reindeer are females because males loose their antlers in the winter, and have you ever seen a picture of santa's sleigh being pulled by hornless reindeer? Oh besides Rudolf. He can just shed his horns because he's obviously a guy.
  5. PioneerChicks

    The 12 Days Of BYC (2021)

    Starts December 14th. Spread the word! We had some fun and spread loads of Christmas spirit in 2019 and 2020! Ready to do it again? It's simple. Starting on the 14th, do as many of the service ideas listed below as you can! As always, our goal is to spread love and joy for the Christmas...
  6. Joyfillednomads

    Christmas Chickens & Santa

    I want this.... inflatable Santa. From tractor 🚜 supply
  7. All4Eggz

    Christmas gift recommendations? Christmas thread!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! What are you guys getting your families and friends for Christmas? Do you do Secret Santa? Asking for some recommendations for family gift ideas: -Kitchen ideas; What kitchen tools and gadgets are your favorite? -Toddler gifts; What toys do your toddlers and...
  8. sweaterthebroodyrooster

    Pippin and Sweater's Advent Animals contest!

    Welcome to the the Advent Animals contest!!! The second contest in the Pippin and Sweater's Contest Series. We want to see your best Christmas themed photos of your animals. This isn't just for poultry; all animals are welcome. Rules .You can only enter up to 3 different animals .Up to 2...
  9. catobsessed

    Cute or Weird?

    Since my girls are molting, I decided to save some of the prettiest feathers in an ornament! Has anyone done anything similar before? The process itself it’s pretty self explanatory-I just picked up some feathers on the ground, carefully put them in a glass ornament, disinfected the outside of...
  10. BirdsBeesTrees

    Pay it Forward - Please Join!!!

    For several years now I've given our friends, family and some neighbors goody baskets at Christmas. Then I expanded it to give delivery people some goody bags. We are going through some of the worse times in our Dairy business and will be losing it, and trying to move on. Something that helps...
  11. Lacy Duckwing

    A Christmas Rant

    With Christmas around the corner, out comes out the Christmas movies. I very much enjoy these movies, but after watching The Christmas Chronicles, there's something that really doesn't sit right with me. That is, Santa Clause is idolized! Christmas is the celebration of God's Own Son, but...
  12. Joyfillednomads


    We got these so had to share. Save 10% or ten cents for every dollar. For yourself or as a gift for any occasion, so great.
  13. KikiDeAnime

    What did you get for Christmas??

    Merry Christmas!!🎄 I thought it'd be great to share what we all got for Christmas. Lot of people live in different time zones so some have already finished Christmas and those who haven't. Feel free to post whenever you'd like! Don't post photos of the following: -Inappropriate gifts -Animals...
  14. Lacy Duckwing

    Christmas Cards

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone wanted their chickens on a Christmas card. You will have to print them off yourselves, but I can design and put them in card form. I have two example cards below. One is in landscape mode and the other in portrait mode. I have them sized for an 8.5 x 11.0 inch...
  15. PioneerChicks

    The 12 Days of BYC (2020)

    I posted the same thing last year (, and it was fun! So I thought I'd post it again this year, but try to get more people! The goal is to share the Christmas spirit and kindness as much as possible, and enjoy BYC...
  16. Laura_BelgianBantams_63

    Happy Holidays Fellow BYC Peeps! 2020

    Happy Holidays! Hello fellow BYC peeps! Tis the season to be jolly...yes! It's our favourite time of the year! Christmas! I love xmas, and wish you all lovely holidays this year! It's true - this is my first year of xmas on BYC! So, I'm super hyped, and wanted to do something special for you...
  17. G

    Yes, Christmas is 72 days away but...[DIY ideas needed and add your own you’ve done in your past]

    I’m on a pretty strict Christmas budget this year. My pullets are not laying yet but they will be within the month (squatting, two finger spaces and fluffy butt up and downs). I live in Florida so, I was going to give all 4 family groupings some eggs. But I don’t necessarily want to just give...
  18. A

    When are Turkeys ready?

    So I ordered 10 turkey chicks (they gave me 12 and all have survived) from the hatchery during lockdown. I thought it would be a fun project for Christmas. Of course it was a bit early and they are currently 12 weeks And should be at 4kg oven ready so will be huge For Christmas. My question is I...
  19. HomesteaderWife

    [Any] Wood Slice Ornaments - Custom!

    Hello BYC friends! I wanted to go ahead and open this thread again early to see if there would be interest in our handmade, wood-burned ornaments featuring your breed of chicken, duck, or any animal in a simple design. They make great Christmas gifts, and unique pieces for your tree, so I wanted...
  20. Cluckingitup

    Christmas gifts

    I finally got chickens Spring 2019. Since then my family has loving (most of the time) teased me about my obsession with my new hobby. This Christmas it was easy to get me gifts. I love them all! Anyone else get “chicken” type gifts?
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