cleaning coops

  1. Dancing Bee

    Preparing Old unused coop

    We have a chicken coop on the property that has not been used for at least 7 years. I'm a bit concerned about contamination related to hantavirus and so on, in terms of human as well as avian safety. Is it safe to use a flea bomb on the coop, 4- 6 weeks before I put chickens in it? Other than...
  2. TheBadaWingClub

    New babies

    Sooo.. here is my story, I was gifted/pranked one night at 3am., 2 hens and a rooster with a semi broken, but manageable coop, about 1.5 months ago. I have no idea what chickens do, what they are about, nor did i expect to ever own one. But someone thought it would be funny to leave them on my...
  3. E

    Taming my new ducks and building them a lovely new home

    Hello everyone! I'm a first time duck mama, I just took home my two Shetland Duck girls. The guy I got them from was re homing them as they didn't get on with the rest of his ducks and they would not let them get any food. They are not in the best condition and one of them is particularly...
  4. Fluttering-about

    Ants in the coop!

    We live in Texas, Houston area. I am constantly battling tiny tiny evil ants that BITE!! While cleaning out my coop today I noticed a whole bunch of them against one wall. I couldn't seem to find where they are coming from, maybe inside the run under the coop? Help!! What do I do???
  5. Connor Bassani

    Can I clean my chicken coop with a shop-vac?

    So it's that time of the week again, coop cleaning! My coop has a slide out bottom... but it's so shallow that the shavings and poop just can't fit through the slot it slides out of (so I end up using a broom and a shovel)! They also poop in their nesting boxes and the shovel can't fit in there...
  6. 2mnypetz

    How do I get a used brooder clean?

    I did a search & can't find what I'm looking for, but I'm sure it's been addressed before & I apologize. But my problem is that I bought a "chick" coop from a friend that still smells bad after I cleaned it. It's in pretty bad shape, with the bottom & sides made of particle board. I've already...
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