clipping wings

  1. Clroediger

    Clipping Peacock wings, one or both

    I’ve recently inherited a matting pair of peacocks. Their enclosure is shared with two geese. This enclosure is surrounded by a larger enclosure for three dogs. I currently have the peacocks in a smaller closure with in the disclosure to introduce them to their new home. I know they can fly...
  2. SometimesCraftr

    Clipped wings, still flies

    We are trying to corral the chickens in the barnyard for the summer so they leave our garden (and the neighbors) alone. Last night we clipped one of the roosters wings and this morning he hopped flew over the 5' fence like it was no big deal. The hens all followed (but we haven't clipped their...
  3. BigBlueHen53

    One Wing or Two?

    So we've moved our 7-week old chicklets out of the well house into a "halfway house," which is basically a storage shed. This might prove to be a bad plan, we don't know yet. But for now, this is what we have. It's about 4' high and the roof slides back, which we thought would provide daylight...
  4. cluckmecoop7

    What age to clip chickens wings?

    Hi everyone, I have 9 week old chickens (almost) and they can "fly" pretty well. I was wondering what age I should clip their wings. Also, I don't want to pin them...I want to clip. Thanks! P.S. Does anyone have some sort a good way they do it? Thanks again!
  5. henaynei

    Flying chickens

    Hi y’all I have several Brown Leghorns. I know, I know…they are strong fliers. I just didn’t know How strong! I’ve clipped the flight feathers on Both wings and they STILL fly over my 50 inch fencing. About the only thing I can figure is to clip their primaries also. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  6. LoveMyChickenBabies

    Planning On Clipping Turkeys Wings

    Hello all, We are planning on clipping our turkeys wings this spring when the wild turkeys come so that she/he doesn't fly away with them. We would appreciate any tips or tricks that you have learned. This is our first time clipping a fowls wings so we just want to make sure we don't mess up. I...
  7. Wilmer Gehman

    Help! chickens keep escaping! :-) How do I clip their wings?

    Three of our chickens,(Henry the rooster) and Michigan and Cheyvannah keep escaping!:th:( My neighbor and I clipped their wings but they still fly over a 4 foot fence! Which wings of the chicken do I clip? How far down should i clip them? I think they are jumping on the side of a small canopy we...
  8. ChooksNQuilts

    Non-Flying Breed Suggestions?

    I need advice on breeds that don't fly well. I don't have very tall fences (currently 4' chain link), as yet, and my chickens can jump up and over. The funny part is they can't seem to figure out how to get back. I have to open the gate and chase them back through. The back fence is 6' wood...
  9. Fluffy_Feathers

    Clipping wings

    Our yard is enclosed by a wire fence about 3ft-3.5ft high. My concern is my chickens hopping over the fence into the neighbors yard. They haven't hopped over there yet, and there are plants blocking the way in most areas. So I want to know, if I clip their wings, how high can they still...
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