1. Nelson-Collier

    🚨 Potential Dying Hen? Help??!

    (Pictures provided below.) One of my 7 laying hens has been extremely lethargic and listless for the past couple of days. I first noticed it when I let them out the other day to roam while supervised (I have a large caged in run I keep them in, adequate feed and water). After they all ran out...
  2. M

    4 Week old Chicks BLOODY STOOLS. Need help!

    Hey everyone. I am new to keeping chickens this year. I have 6 Rhode Island Reds and 6 Bard Rocks. Bought from Orchlins Farm and Home Currently feeding half Country Lane 18% Medicated Chick starter and half 18% Chick Grower from local feed store. They are currently indoors. A day ago I...
  3. ScavengerBird

    Precautionary Dosing?

    I just purchased 6 chicks from the local Rural King, none seem to be sickly, all are eating drinking, etc. One, however, has a little bit of runny poop and it's back end seems to be bothering it, it preens very frequently back there, as if it's itchy.... Horror stories have me assuming the worst...
  4. Eelantha

    Coccidiose, Ascaridiose, Capillariose, Heterakidose, Lice, Gape Worms - HELP! @[email protected]

    I'll add to the above title, an almost confirmed partly blocked and/or pendulous crop. The list just keeps getting longer. My 2018 year with chickens has started with a bang - the bad kind, and it has been boiling since at least mid-december 2017. The rookie that I am in poultry unfortunately...
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