1. harice4806

    Silkie 13 wks old

    Straight run bantam bin at TSC. Almost all males. This one I thought was a pullet but now I'm not so sure. Haven't seen any attempts to crow. No comb/waddles. Super sweet. The buff I had I knew was a boy around 7 weeks. Had a massive comb and waddles and was crowing. They're now 13 weeks. Today...
  2. JaneBrook

    Rooster/cockerel starting to crow- who’s used a ‘collar’?

    Hi everyone- need advice about my cockerel ‘Poach’ Has anyone used a no crow collar? What’s your experiences with caponising? Or do any of you have any advice about how to stop a rooster crowing {loudly} or at least quietening him down? Can anyone share their experiences…
  3. harice4806

    3 week old cochin?

    Few weeks ago I fell victim to TSC late season chick days. It appears my "assorted bantam" bin gave me a cochin. I was in the coop/brooder tonight checking over everyone and noticed tell-tale redness of a young cockerel. These babies are only 3 weeks old. I don't want to be right but "it" is a...
  4. Kathys Coop

    Pullet or cockerel

    I have two golden polish. They look very similar except one has the waddles. They are both 14 weeks old. I’ll post pic of both. They are supposed to be hens but the one has pretty big waddles. Tell me what you think. My other white crested black polish rooster same age already cockadoodles.
  5. Raptorchick

    2month roo/hen?

    Hello :) I have these two (pullets?) I'm rehoming next week, I think they are pullets ? They hatched March 6th, so 2months old. Hen is brown serama, roo either black/white frizzle serama or oegb. Thanks so much :))
  6. chickmamat

    Help Sexing!

    I have a broody hen who hatched 7 eggs from a mixed barnyard dozen. I ordered the dozen from a reputable farm that has purebreds, but the dozen I got is not from there carefully separated lines and breeds, so any autosexing down patterns are uncertain. I do know some of their partial genes...
  7. Leelu13

    Anyone want to play pullet or cockeral?

    So,we have a mixed group of brahmas, an Easter egger,and 2 silver laced wyandotte. I'm 100% sure there is only one cockerel in the brahma lot and I'm pretty sure the EE is a pullet as well. But the SL Wyandottes have me stumped. Anyone want to guess?
  8. Anthony-Smith

    Barred Rock Cockerel or Pullet?

    Hey y'all, first post here (with a few more to come). I want a rooster for my flock. Specifically, I want a Barred Rock. So I went to Tractor Supply about a week and a half ago (I think). I saw that they finally were carrying straight run Barred Rocks! I already have 7 hens, and 5 pullets, so I...
  9. Leelu13

    Brahma chick with bald spots

    We have 5 brahma chicks that I believe are about 8 or so weeks old. Four are gorgeous little fluff butts, and then there is this one... I don't see any signs of mites or parasites. Eating, drinking and pooping normally and quite fiesty. I thought I read somewhere that cockerals feather more...
  10. backyardchicks

    14 Week Silkies - Sexing Help?

    I have two Silkies that are 14 weeks old and I am having a difficult time telling if they are pullets or roosters. At first I thought pullets, but they are stumping me now with their crests. The first 4 photos(same bird) its new crest hairs seem to be all around its crest. Comb is pretty flat...
  11. backyardchicks

    8 week Black Sizzle Silkie - Does Copper in Hackles say Rooster?

    I have an 8 week Black Sizzle Silkie. It has started to develop copper in its hackle feathers. Does this mean that it is a rooster?
  12. Leelu13

    Mystery Turken number 2

    We are still figuring out the genders of the turkens we bought back in September. With help from folks here yesterday we pretty much confirmed one white and black chick is indeed a cockerel, and three of the others are girls. We do have one other mystery chick that we are on the fence about. The...
  13. HHcoop


    Hi all, Purchased a mix of 15 “pullets” last August. They were sexed with a magnet on a string and we’ve already brought one rooster back, have at least 3 more with obvious tail plumes who are facing off and I’m wondering about these 2. The big one I saw grabbing a couple hen’s necks and I think...
  14. NoFlyBackFarm

    Sex of Two Supposed Roosters!

    These two are 3-4 months old and no crowing.... I was told they were roosters in a previous forum. Now I am not so sure, they don't have big combs. Some of my hens have larger and the big rooster (father) does chase them off. Any ideas? They were both hatched by my 8 year old hen... One: A...
  15. P

    Cockerel Or Pullet

    Cockerel Or Pullet? I have 2 English Lavender Pullets(hopefully). One 12 weeks, the other 14 weeks. No idea what sex they are, but hoping hens. There are no Roos allowed in our city, and we love them. Thank you! "Little Lady" 12 wks, on left in photos below. "Violet" 14wks on right in...
  16. Meggymojo

    Rhode Island Roo?

    Good evening everyone! After last nights discussion over some of the memeber members of our flock and discovering that one I hadn’t suspected to be a Roo, I figured I should indeed inspect further. So with gritted yeetcuans squinted eyes I show you our next “Girl” Henny an almost 8 wk old...
  17. Ledgewood7

    Are these pullets ()

    So after a long absence of no chickens I recently bought 2 (what were supposed to be) barred rock pullets at our local feed store. Only now one is crowing :he In the meantime my sister hatched a bunch of chicken eggs for her classroom’s school project and gave me 2 lavender Wyandottes when the...
  18. BackItUp.PlayItSlow

    16 weeks, what am I?

    Hi there! I have 5 16 week birds, marked RI red pullets from tractor supply. One has started laying, I know who she is: Weirdly, no tail feathers but fluffernutter is a girl. By contrast, the other 4 all look a bit different in coloring and maturation. Different sized combs and waddles...
  19. chicken mummy15

    Is this a roo?

    Hi i know this may be a little early but this is a 3-3 1/2 week old cochin. Could she be a he?
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