cockerel or pullet?

  1. KDOGG331

    Confusing EE/Did I end up with all boys!?

    This little chick has me confused. When it was little I thought for sure it was a cockerel because it and a couple other chicks grew incredibly fast and nearly doubled in size quite rapidly, looked massive compared to the other chicks, and it had a very wide comb and thick legs, and I thought...
  2. N

    Help sexing my chicks please!

    9 weeks ago we got 12 day old heritage chicks in the hope to get at least 6 egg laying hens, and now I fear I have 10 roosters!!!!! Breeds are Easter Egger, Wyandotte, Pekin, and Barnvelder
  3. Rhcecil

    blue andalusian rooster vs hen

    This blue andalusian Chicken was our free exotic mystery bird from the hatchery. We identified the breed but are confused on gender. I say pullet but others say cockerel when they see her/him. Chevy (his/her name) is 12 weeks old. I saw that this is a common thread of people wanting to know...
  4. Kluggie

    What breed/s and gender are these two?

    Hi all Recently we got a couple of chicks from a hatching program run out of my son's kindergarten. We have had them for about 2 months now and they are starting to get a bit bigger. I was hoping for some advice on what breed and if they are hens or roos. The website from the organisation that...
  5. P

    Gold sex link a cockerel or pullet?

    hi everyone! I am new to chickens and purchased An assortment of chicks back in March at my local farm store. One of my babies is a gold sex link. She was always light from the start. She is now 9 weeks old and has her comb and wattle coming in and it’s pinkish, red. Someone saw her and said...
  6. Marme

    sexing blue wheaten ameraucana by color?

    So most of the research I've done on sexing blue wheaten ameraucanas has said that if they have a lot of darker feathering that means they are a cockerel, as opposed to the pullets who are lighter and less flashy. I know its early at 3 weeks, but do I most likely have a little cockerel here...
  7. C

    Is my silkie a pulllet or a cockerel?!

    I just recently bought a silkie pullet yesterday but I’m not sure if she really is a pullet or if it might be cockerel. I’m also wondering around what age she might be?
  8. KLIL

    Light Sussex - Cockerel or Pullet?

    Is my Light Sussex a Cockerel or Pullet? This is the only 1 of this breed so im unable to compare it to another. Its almost 7 weeks old and is extremely sweet and loving. Not aggressive to my other Cockerel. But the comb and wattle has me thinking?
  9. tweetzone86

    11 week old RIR- cockerel or pullet?

    Hello. I am new to backyard chickens and this is my first flock. I have 12 (ordered ten Tractor Supply threw in 2 extra and said I could keep them when I pointed out the error). The thing is, I can't have roos in city limits on less than 2 acres, and I need to know (I think it's something one...
  10. Gypsiechick

    Buff laced polish x3 puller or cockrel

    I have 3 buff laced polish 2 freebies from the hatchery. I have 2 I am thinking may be cockerels. Any thoughts? In first photo the tail feathers of both the polish that are in question are pictured, there is my golden comet Rose in the middle of them. I call them Marley & Mario. Mario has the...
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