1. O1CrazyLady

    garden food

    We have a small garden next to our chickens that we let our chickens loose in some times to clean up all the scraps. We don't use any chemicals on it. Mother nature and natural compost. My husband wants to know. Is it ok to throw our coffee grinds into this area? Will it harm are scavenging...
  2. MissNutmeg

    Books, books and more books!

    Do you have a favorite book or a great book suggestion? Please feel free to discuss it on this thread. As I always say, there is nothing like being curled up on the couch on a rainy day sipping a hot cup of coffee and reading a book. What is your favorite book genre? I love fantasy, action...
  3. Back2Barefoot

    Composting with Chickens

    I have had chickens for about a year now. I have 6 of varying breeds. (I like a shmorgasborg) I like having my chickens compost for me. I won't put apples, citrus or avocados in the compost but usually put coffee grinds and tea bags. My tea is primarily a mixture of sleepy-times but I wonder if...
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