coop building

  1. ValerieJ

    Coop building plans, seeking critique and advice

    Here is the plan so far. The ventilation is in the dormer, 1' x 10', plus 4" x 10' where the roof meets the siding on both the front and back, for a total of 16sf+. Will that be enough? Should we put some openings on the sides too? The windows on the front and back are for letting sun in...
  2. ValerieJ

    Roost bar and poop board depth question

    DH is designing our new coop today, or starting it anyway. I think I read somewhere that the roosting bar should be 2' from the wall. If that is so, does the poop board need to be 4'? Also, is a foot off the poop board high enough for the roost bar? In order to have windows that do not blow...
  3. khorvath

    Confused about coop direction

    Looking to build my first coop for my first flock next spring. Trying to do a lot of research first and one thing I am confused about is the orientation. We live in Chicagoland. It can be very cold (bitter winds) in the winter and pretty hot in the summer with a lot of humidity. The months...
  4. SOlace30

    Gutter set up on slanted roof

    Hello, I just completed a 8x10 chicken roof with slanted roof. On the lower roof portion I will be adding a gutter feeding into my rain barrels. I wanted to know if I add gutters on the two other sides feeding into main gutter is it needed or will it even matter. So basically other than highest...
  5. M

    How to keep rodents out

    hi y'all! I'm new to the the Forum so apologies if this subject has already been discussed. Ive heard there's several ways to install the coop to prevent rodents from digging their way into the coop but I can't seem to find a good tutorial on YouTube, and i need visuals. do you dig trench and...
  6. L

    Hen attacking brooding hens

    Hello, We're experiencing a problem with a non-brooding hen attacking our brooding hens. Our Rhode Island Red is the one not brooding and the other two have taken up the preferred, previously shared nest. Our White Barred Plymouth Rock got up to take a walk in the run and the Rhode Island Red...
  7. L

    Integrating Hen Cliques

    Hello, We've been keeping chickens for at least 8 years now. We've had some chickens pass away and have added pullets from the local grange to our flock without problem. The last introduction went particularly well; we divided the run under the coop with puppy fencing and the two new girls were...
  8. awyman

    Building Chick Enclosure.

    So, I’ve decided I want more chickens. I only have one right now but I’ve grew up around chickens. I’m placing an order soon for some different breeds. I want to start working on an enclosure though. I want to build the ultimate chicken mansion with a huge run. So if anyone can give me some...
  9. jessmariee

    Seeking help for coop!

    Hi, all! So excited to be a part of this community - I’ve spent several days combing the posts and gleaning helpful info. I’m going to start my own flock of chickens soon, but I’m currently still in the coop-planning stage. There are so many fantastic ideas and I’m trying to filter out what will...
  10. Killlakilljoys

    The ultimate portable coop... with the right help?

    Howdy folks! I have a but of a unique (or maybe not) problem... I need the sectional couch of chicken coops- and i have no idea how to do it! For some context, i live in central Indiana so its godda be wind proof! its godda be cold proof! its godda be... portable? yeah it does. my main deal is...
  11. zinnia5117

    Any experience or recommendations with the Sym Coop in Portland Oregon?

    Hi everyone, I’m starting to seriously get ready to build a coop. I like the idea of the “Sym Coop” design from “Reinventing the Chicken Coop”. There is a link that shows pictures. My one concern is that I bet it gets a bit colder up here in the Portland (OR) area...
  12. Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing the coop I designed and built using old pallets. I'm petty handy so after looking at too many coop plans to count I decided to design and build my own incorporating the features I wanted for my small flock of 4-7 chickens. For starters, I wanted...
  13. The Chicken Shed of my dreams :)

    The Chicken Shed of my dreams :)

    I recently moved to NC and we almost immediately started a plan for a chicken coop! We bought a used 10 by 12 shed, wood and hardwire fencing. The inside is painted white and the floor was supposed to be a light grey but it ended up looking like a blue grey instead but it’s waterproof so...
  14. Hazelbunny

    Is this big enough?

    I'm making my silkies a separate coop and I might be able to make it before winter. I'm getting a large dog house that I'm going to make a coop out of today and im deciding where I want it and how big the run will be. For the run would 94 inches long and 86 inches wide be big enough for 7...
  15. cyndalrash


  16. kathlynr8

    Insulating a chicken coop

    Hi, I am looking at a chicken coop design and the author said that you might want to insulate it the coop but didn't detail how to do so. I am wondering if insulating a coop is a good idea and if anyone has done so? I live in Vermont - so it seems a good place to insulate a coop if it is necc...
  17. BrahmaGirl2018

    Waterproofing the wood

    We know we need to protect the wood of the coop. My husband picked up Thompson’s (because someone said it was the right thing) Thompson’s water seal ok? The wood is already painted grey and white. I have no issue reapplying yearly as we have a small coop compared to most (we only have 4...
  18. TinaMarieofFL

    First Timer

    Hi Everyone! First time raising chickens, have 5 and a rooster. Was told they were all female when I purchased them from Standard Feed in Jacksonville. Oh well. My problem is the rooster is bullying the girls. Actually, he is trying to breed and they want none of him. Now they are hiding...
  19. KikiDeAnime

    Ideas/Tips for Coop Building (For 10+ Hens)

    Hi I plan on building a surprise Coop for my dad as a Christmas gift so I'm working on the plans now to finish by then but I would like some ideas and tips for it. I'm sure some of you are wondering how I'm going to hide it until then while building it. I plan on telling him that it's going to...
  20. D

    HELP!!! 4x8 coop plans w/ material list

    I am in search of a low cost 4x8 chicken coop plan w/ material list. I'm not the most handy when it comes to building things but I can follow instructions. HELP!!!!