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  1. ValerieJ

    Coop building plans, seeking critique and advice

    Here is the plan so far. The ventilation is in the dormer, 1' x 10', plus 4" x 10' where the roof meets the siding on both the front and back, for a total of 16sf+. Will that be enough? Should we put some openings on the sides too? The windows on the front and back are for letting sun in...
  2. ValerieJ

    Roost bar and poop board depth question

    DH is designing our new coop today, or starting it anyway. I think I read somewhere that the roosting bar should be 2' from the wall. If that is so, does the poop board need to be 4'? Also, is a foot off the poop board high enough for the roost bar? In order to have windows that do not blow...
  3. O

    Plans for an insulated chicken coop.

    Hi. I’m a new member. Don’t have a coop or any chickens yet. I’m looking for plans for a medium sized insulated chicken coop. I live in Manitoba Canada which has very cold winters and hot summers so the insulation is a must. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Pineconechick

    Hydronics in built in brooders?

    Hey everyone! My husband is a plumber and we are building a new chicken coop. He does hydronic heat for a lot of houses and ends up with small leftover loops that you can’t do much with so he thought he would set up hydronic heat in the chicken coop In the center (human area) of the coop I...
  5. ChickenPalace123

    Plans for Spring Coop Remodels

    I have a case of planning fever! I designed some "Blueprints'' for coop remodels. This won't happen until March at the earliest. The design dosnt show the ventilation I have planned but there will be plenty! predator Protection is: quarter inch hardware cloth EVERYWHERE, under the run, around...
  6. J

    How big does it REALLY need to be

    We have a 18x21 coop/barn that is for our chickens and maybe a goat or alpaca. WE want to build a coop within the coop for the sleeping of said chickens. (or we can call it an enclosed sleeping area) The reason is for double protection at night and so they feel snug. I read that they need 3 feet...
  7. R

    Hey! I'm New with questions.

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am brand new to chickens. I just picked some up a few days ago. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? I have 6 little chicks. They are about 13 days old today. I'm kind of mad at myself for not buying around 10...
  8. stephanie@sunshineacrestx

    Build Mentor in Texas?

    Hi! I'm just a girl with visions of chicken coop grandure with NO building skills + limited funds for pre done coops. I want to get my hands dirty, and I'm not afraid of hard work. I also own zero tools and wouldn't know how to use them. I am married but I am probably more handy around the house...
  9. nychick83

    New Coop Plans

    Hi everyone! Many of you have responded to my previous posts regarding my chicken coop plans. Your feedback/comments have been instrumental in the development of these plans...thank you SO much! They are officially ready to be released to the world (finally). I currently have 5 small coop...
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