1. A

    From "Free Run" to Coop

    Hi, I grew up as a city girl, but all I wanted was a country life. I have been living on a half acre of land for the last forty years and loving it. I have about 10 hens right now. I'm interested in some do-able chicken coop and run designs. Any suggestions? Thanks, Alix in Sacramento
  2. Jennifer_M

    The Shovelbeaks are at it again

    My ducks completely destroyed my backyard last year, like not a blade of grass left, literally. They have their duck house, small pond and an area that they can be fenced off into by their house but they are spoiled and I let them have the run of the whole yard half the time. I have had them...
  3. C

    Help! Coop Overload!

    Guys & gals (& everything in between)- I'm struggling over here! I'm new to the chicken (and duck) world and there is SO MUCH information out there! I am very thankful for that, but between all of my obligations I'm finding it hard to find the time to find what I need in all of it. Our babies...
  4. VyeFye

    Nesting box question

    I am unsure if I want to build a popped out nesting box area into my coop. The sort where you can collect eggs without opening the coop itself. Only only have 5 pullets that free range all day. Their coop is large enough that I can simply place nesting boxes inside without worry of them...
  5. G

    Just arrived from the deep west!

    Hi Everyone, I have recently moved here from Alberta, to be closer to my daughter who lives in Hatchet Lake. I will be spending the winter with her and her husband while I search out a place to live and settle. I have had chickens in the past, and for now, am enjoying my daughter's small flock...
  6. A

    What size coop is the ideal size?

    Hi there, I am looking for some input regarding the ideal size coop for the average family living in a rural environment. I am looking to market custom high quality coops here in Marion Co. MS and trying to get a feel for what is the ideal size flock and square footage of space for the to roam...
  7. Walkbarefoot

    Wondering how you have set up the inside of smaller coops

    Please share the inside of your smaller coops. I have a 5x6 coop that we built this spring. I am not 100% happy with the way the plans have the roosts set up. I am wondering how others have set up the inside of their smaller coops. Where are your roosts? Food and water? Thanks!
  8. B

    Coop configuration help

    We are making our coop out of a 16 x 10 metal storage building. We are adding two windows to catch cross breeze. It has double doors and we're fencing a pretty large area for their run. There is nothing but floor space in there now. I need some ideas on what I should build for the inside. I...
  9. kd_colorado

    Nesting box size

    I have 15 pullets arriving in mid February. 3 light Brahmas, 3 Cinnamon Queens, 3 Rhode Island Reds and 3 Speckled Sussex. How many nesting boxes do I need and what size should I make them?
  10. A Playhouse Coop - Small Coop For Really Cheap

    A Playhouse Coop - Small Coop For Really Cheap

    Staff note: We’ve been trying to find a way to restore the missing pics to this article but haven’t had any luck. Hopefully the author will be able to help us get the pics loaded back up! (This wasn't my original idea. My mom found it on the internet somewhere and we executed it. I would cite...
  11. brettshomestead

    Large breeding BBB

    Until this coming spring I'm planning to save a couple thousand+ to build a large breeding setup for Amuricana chickens. I'm still working out how I want to set it up any ideas? I'm definitely am adding auto waterers, and I already have 3 small incubators. I would like to be able to keep an eye...
  12. Chill's Chicken Coop

    Chill's Chicken Coop

    We decided to get chickens, earlier this year, and a few weeks ago (early June 2016) I realized it's time to build them a coop to get them out of the garage. I have no prior experience with building anything this complex, but I felt confident I could do it. I didn't have any formal plans, just a...
  13. Predator Proofing for New and Existing Coops

    Predator Proofing for New and Existing Coops

    Keeping chickens predators away from chickens can be extremely difficult. However, a secure coop is a good start. Here are some ideas on how to "predator proof" your coop and run. Predator Protection for the Coop Flooring One way predators such as foxes and dogs can gain entrance is by...
  14. The Condo-Coop

    The Condo-Coop

    Welcome to our coop, brought to you by Dad! This coop just got a giant addition added, but there are no pics of it yet, just construction pics.. Here is the coop!!! This is the entire coop. It can fit up to around 16 chickens. This rock wall and planter were built from rocks we had growing...
  15. Log Cabin / Cordwood Coop

    Log Cabin / Cordwood Coop

    Like many, I started with just a couple chickens. Each year I get a couple more and I don't think that will change any time soon. With that in mind, it was time to upgrade my little coop. My original Coop ~~> This...
  16. Cold Weather Poultry Housing and Care

    Cold Weather Poultry Housing and Care

    A How-to Article Part 1: building a coop Part 2: cold weather care Part 3: poultry and breed selection Link to my three coop pages: My pond coop. The side walls of the coop are 8 feet tall, plus the eaves and the roof. Part 1: building...
  17. Mskatu

    The Four Winds Cluckery

    What a ride it's been since October 2014! I built the chicken coop from recycled and repurposed materials I have mostly be given or have found....with of course a few exceptions. Our first girls (5) were Isa Browns that we got from a farm a relatively local backyard chicken house. I knew...
  18. Aynur

    Chika Boutique Hotel Dwellers

    I have 6 Speckle Sussex chickens at my backyard. They are born 7th October, 2014. We call them Chika, to not to relate them anything what dogs and cats would eat at home; so dogs/cats would not think they are something they can eat. Took care of them at the basement room until their coop and...
  19. Rise & Shine Pallet Coop for Flora Vale Fowl

    Rise & Shine Pallet Coop for Flora Vale Fowl

    This has been a long time coming. We've had our birds for just over a year and half, but there were some last touches on the coop (A ROOF!) that needed doing before we wrote it all up. Now the top is on, and the flock is growing and this is how we did it... Firstly, we are a family of...
  20. How to turn a Playhouse into an Enchanted Chicken Coop

    How to turn a Playhouse into an Enchanted Chicken Coop

    First we want to thank everyone who has posted their stories of building their own coops and how they upgraded existing ones, we couldn't have completed ours without your help. To save money and the desire to have an attractive new chicken coop to replace our ratty old and smaller one lead us...
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