1. Ninaamaya

    Heavy 17 week birds - breed?

  2. M

    Dark Cornish One eye closed

    I have a Dark Cornish around 6 months of age and I noticed yesterday that she was standing around with one eye closed and one open. I wasn’t too sure if I was being paranoid and maybe something was bothering her but I noticed it again today. Her behavior is still fairly normal, she is wandering...
  3. Nendei

    Cornish crosses with respiratory illness

    I’d hate to let them suffer until butcher time. Can I give my Cornish crosses an injection of Tylan 50? Does it affect the meat? Can it hurt us to eat it? Please and thank you!
  4. Tre3hugger

    Processing Cornish X: A First Timer's Overview/Experience (pic heavy, only 1 "graphic")

    Today I processed my first meat bird. Wanted to document my process in detail. Maybe other first timer's will get some help from it, or I will get some helpful tips. I didn't take many pics of the actual evisceration because I was concentrating and dirty. Also this is my first time and I don't...
  5. Nendei

    Meat Chickens and Bumblefoot

    I’m not certain where to post this- it IS a medical concern as well as for the safety of us. I’m in quite a big predicament, a few of our 4 - 5 week old Cornish crosses have bumblefoot. I’m not certain how they got it, but I quickly separated the birds from the main group. In meat birds, it it...
  6. zebradreams07

    Ranger breeding project

    I know I'm not the first person to have this idea, so before I dive in and go full crazy chicken lady (I'm already the crazy goat lady!) I'd love to hear from people who have attempted breeding Rangers before - from whichever proprietary line. What were your goals, what worked or didn't, what's...
  7. MamaGer8ty

    Meat chickens with dual chickens?

    We have four Cornish hens that will be going to freezer camp in a couple of weeks. (I saw someone else said that in a post and I loved it. I can’t remember who said it though.) Is it ok to put them in the coop with our egg laying chickens until then? Should we keep them separated and in their...
  8. C

    Breeding meat birds

    Hey guys, So I’m thinking of trying to breed my own meat birds instead of purchasing the Cornish x chicks. My thought is to get a Dark Cornish roo and 5 ish white rock hens. I completely understand they will not be like the Cornish x I have been purchasing BUT I am looking to get a larger bird...
  9. DrBee

    Seeking advice for surprise Cornish cross

    On March 15 I brought home a dozen Spring chicks, for a broody hen. One of these chicks that I believed to be a buff orpy quickly reveled herself to be something else entirely. A little research convinced me she is a jumbo Cornish cross. I thought the most humane thing would be to give her to...
  10. danpeters9497

    Fast growth rate.

    So looking into meat birds I have obviously come across the ever present cornish cross. Which seem to be a Cornish and Plymouth rock? Not sure if that's right or not. Either way where do the fast growth genes come from? I've seen the multiple different ranger breeds that also have a relatively...
  11. M

    Fine versus Coarse Meat

    I’ve heard that, for example, Dorkings and Bresse have fine meat, while Cornish and Jersey Giants have coarse meat. I have only eaten store bought chicken and self-slaughtered Buff Orpingtons. Can someone explain the texture (and if applicable the taste) differences between Coarse and fine meat...
  12. M

    She's a he...

    I'm new to all this and I thought we had everyone figured out. My hens just started laying, so it's very exciting for me. So I'm looking up which eggs go with which hen, color wise. I realize that my black langshan hasnt laid any eggs. My dad has been saying for a while that Shadow was a boy but...
  13. MissMarple

    Is there a certain age to cull?

    Cornishes? I have 2 accidental buys; one of them is my avatar. They were labeled something else but as they quickly outgrew everyone, I realized I had 2 Cornish hens/roos. I've now had to separate them from everyone else (the rest of the older flock, 10, our slightly younger and smaller flock of...
  14. Countrymanfowl

    Cornish Cross Weight at 8 Weeks?

    I understand that Cornish X's should be slaughtered at about 9 weeks of age and males will be around 10 pounds, females around 8. Is this true? Or are these numbers too high?
  15. lrobb88

    Moving Cornish cross outside

    Hi there, I know that there are LOTS of threads about moving chicks outside, but I can’t find much applicable information aside from the classic “reduce the heat by 5 degrees a week.” I’m raising 25 Cornish cross which are a little over four weeks. They’re ALMOST fully feathered (a few bald...
  16. rascal66

    Chicks won't stop trying to eat pine shavings

    As the tittle says, I have a few Cornish chicks that do whatever they can to scratch away the paper towel and dig and eat the pine shavings underneath.... Not sure how to persuade them to stop. :( unless I just cut it out or replace with hay maybe?
  17. Rammy

    Meat Chickens

    Just got 10 Cornish cross meat birds. Freezer camp in a few weeks. Should I get feed for meat birds or can they eat regular chick feed?
  18. TheCakeIsAWolf

    Black Copper Marans Cornish Cross

    Does anyone have any Black Copper Marans X Cornish hybrids? If so do they retain the somewhat dark egg colour of the Marans or does it look like a standard grocery store brown egg? Does breeding a Cornish rooster to Marans hens yield sex linked birds? I'm looking to have meet birds who have eggs...
  19. C

    What have you cross your CX with?

    Any pictures and stats, of the F1 cross, or first generation of the cross would be greatly appreciated. :wee Live and carscass :D
  20. Yeet

    Bald spot on chicken?

    Hello! So I have a 'rescue' chicken named Bagel, and hes a pretty goofy guy. I got him from a lady after he was bought for meat production and ended up being the victim of some pretty harsh bullying by his brothers and sisters. He had a leg injury and couldnt stand, so I helped him out and now...
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