1. LizzzyJo

    How my chickens pay for themselves

    I’ve talked about this many times before, so I thought I’d post about it. Selling eggs isn’t the only way to make money with a pet flock. You have to think creatively. For me, my chickens pay for themselves by replacing gifted wine. So, in my work/social life/community, we have dinner parties...
  2. G

    Pet insurance

    I recently just got a rabbit that my brother's friend couldn't take care of anymore, my first animal that can be spayed. And I have searched the Internet on pet insurance and with no luck got any answers. What is pet insurance and do I need one to get my rabbit spayed? How much does it cost to...
  3. June Chick

    How To Keep Sparrows From Eating My Chicken Feed?

    Alright. I feed 8 chickens and 7 ducks, and apparently, about 50 sparrows. One of those 3 is not supposed to be eating here... take a guess. How can I get them away? I don't mind one or two, but honestly 50 throughout the day is WAY too many! Their charging me double what I should be buying for...
  4. wisemike

    Is it worth it raising chickens for eggs for 1 person?

    Hi, I might be moving to a new city, and was trying to find ways to save money due to increasing costs of living. And I was thinking of buying a couple of ready to lay eggs pullets (1-5 pullets), as I eat nearly 10 eggs a week. I will be feeding the chicken food waste, bread, grass clippings...
  5. classicsredone

    What Herbs are Your Favorites for your Flock?

    This is a question for those of you that somehow incorporate herbs into your flock's diet, either while foraging or as part of their daily feed. What herbs do you use? What benefits have you seen, if any? If you could make a mix for your flock, and the cost was not an issue, what herbs would you...
  6. wifeyschlegel

    How much did you spend on your DIY coop?

    We just bought all the material to build our coop and my husband thought it would cost less, so I'm just curious if we overspent or if it was a normal amount($550ish). We didn't have any access to free/cheap lumber so we had to buy it all..
  7. HuskerHens18

    How much are adult Isa Browns worth?

    Horrible way to spend a birthday. Neighbor's dog got out and killed my Isa Browns. Well, it's coming down to either the dog dies or the man owes me a lot of money. Google isn't giving me good answers, these Isa Browns were at their prime laying age. Exactly how much is one Isa Brown hen? I...
  8. Mamasea

    To Roof the Run or Not

    Newbie chicken girl here. I have 15 chicks that will be moving to their outdoor home in 4 weeks or so. I currently have converted a side of the barn into the coop. My original plan was to build an attached run with a corrugated metal roof. Now, when I break down the cost, it seems that I could...
  9. Chickabee22484

    How much to sell?

    Hi all, I'm going to a small animal swap meet this spring to sell some of my backyard bred chicks and pullets...and probably going to bring everything I've got that isn't a part of my core flock. I was wondering how much you all recommend I sell them for? I've never sold chickens before but...
  10. nine9d

    How many chicks and feeding? (TL;DR included)

    Hi all, I am ordering my newly sexed chicks from MPC and this is my first foray into BYC. I have read so many threads and received so much great advice thus far,t hanks for the wealth of information. One question that I did not ask was, how many chicks are too many? I have a friend of mine who...
  11. Rcl700

    Selling meat birds ??? What, where, why, when.

    Okay, I live in south Atlanta and would like some clarity on the rules for selling processed meat birds. What are the requirements regulations and restrictions put on small-scale producers? Can I sell meat birds that I process? I'm thinking of running a few small pasture raised chicken tractor...
  12. Rcl700

    Feed cost / co-op bulk feed questions.

    I'm thinking of raising some meat birds for the first time say 20-25 birds. I was wondering if there is a place to get low cost bulk chicken feed in bulk. Like a local co-op. I currently have a small flock of egg birds the i feed with TSC layer pellet feed. I live on the south side in...
  13. barred2rock

    How much do you spend on your chickens per month?

    After the initial cost for first time chicken keeping, what would you estimate that you spend on your chickens per month for feed and other supplies?
  14. How much does it cost to raise backyard chickens?

    How much does it cost to raise backyard chickens?

    So your kids (or spouse) talked you into chickens. Now, one of the first questions that came up was probably: "How much is this going to cost?" The good news is chickens are really not that expensive to keep and there are lots of ways to cut costs and save money. This article will give you an...
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