1. MeanCheek

    What Color Will They Be?

    I just set eggs and if they hatch what color will the chicks be? Here are the roos I call this color Scarlett, but is that right? His back got beat up when he was in my pheasant coop with other male quail. He's in with the hens now.
  2. Whiskybear

    Drinking nipples for quail.

    I wish to utilize horizontal drinking nipples for my jumbo coturnix. This being a half-cooked notion, I looked around the interwebs and found a cheap bag of no-name, plastic threaded ones. These seem way, way too tight for my quail to use. I could see chickens using them, but… nah, not quail...
  3. IMG_7041.JPG


    Stock looking confused as her 'sister', Barrel, is unwell and not responding to her confusion.
  4. sadiemartin

    Quail Coop-Artificial Plants?

    Hello everyone! I am new to Coturnix quail and have just finished my coop, I have a couple questions. #1 My coop is 6x8 feet and I want my birds to be comfortable-NOT crammed. How many do you think I can have in this enclosure? #2 Can I have artificial plants in my coop? I heard they love logs...
  5. PhantomSkye

    I plan on getting a new quail should I tame the new quail first? or socialize her with my other quail so they get along first before taming

    The other Quail is a tame female coturnix quail named Oak, last year her only friend another female quail died, we planned on getting her another quail but decided not to, recently I haven't been able to give her all of my attention and I know Oak gets lonely and she is a social bird, so we plan...
  6. Stock and Barrel.jpeg

    Stock and Barrel.jpeg

    Stock and barrel hanging out in the tiel cage :)
  7. Stock and barrel 2.jpeg

    Stock and barrel 2.jpeg

    STock and barrel hanging out in the tiel cage :)
  8. KweallCeypur

    Advice for Two Old Quail Hens with Health Problems

    I've got two old quails (both are no longer laying), Octopus and Tsapa, who have quite a few health problems and I was wondering wether anyone has advice for some of their issues. Octopus has -what we believe is- gout on her feet and we've been giving her chopped salad and buckwheat in addition...
  9. Ravenlover

    Coturnix quail,Celadon,Albino,Black Birthday Hatch/pied-Darth,boody mom, Chinese painted quail.

    Thanks to @FloorCandy I am getting 18 coturnix eggs 2 are potentially fertile albino and 1 is potentially fertile black and the rest celadon,I only say potentially cuz I was told it's a chance cuz the males young,my fiancee said I can have a coturnix since my personal button Lucifer keeps...
  10. Jessica Lyn

    What is the best Coturnix quail feed

    Hey! I've been going thru and finding different feed info and I KNOW I'm overthinking it. Can you guys help me out a bit and let me know what food you feed yours with? And what extras or 'snacks' they enjoy having in their diet in addition to the normal feed ? I found the starter grower I...
  11. katie_94

    What to feed quails of mixed ages, sexes and laying? Tractor Supply ed.

    We have coturnix quails. We'll be introducing the new quails to our outdoor run/coop as soon as they're old enough (right now they're 5 weeks old) and since they'll eventually be sharing the same food with the older quails, I'm wondering what they can ALL eat? The only feed store near me is...
  12. Qquails899

    Introducing a new quail

    I keep quails as pets, I've only had 2 birds so far and they were 2 years old. One passed away this August, leaving the other one lonely. I tried to get an old friend for her, but I couldn't find anyone who sells their older birds so I got one that's about 2 months old. I'm afraid they won't get...
  13. Coturnixxx

    Brown cheek, just a coincidence?

    Hi! I have this gray coturnix male, 4 weeks now, with brown cheek just as the feather sexable types. The father is white, and mother cinnamon tuxedo (not feather sexable). Do you think it is just a coincidence he looks like a feather sexable bird? It would be great to breed him to maintain this...
  14. KimTatum03

    Hatching Coturnix Quail

    So my quail are hatching today and wanted to know what humidity y’all put yours on during hatching and does anyone know these colors?
  15. QuailTail

    Finally have my flock! Can anyone help with colours?

    Hi everyone! I was finally able to collect my ladies today! :wee 10 female (hopefully) laying age coturnix, who all seem very tame and chill which is a nice surprise. I have left them to their aviary to settle in for the evening but they did let me come in and take photos, some were easier to...
  16. QuailTail

    Questions about transporting and acclimatising my new coturnix quail flock

    Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone. This weekend I am finally going to pick up my first little flock of 10 coturnix quail - all laying age hens. They're going into a brand new aviary and I have no other quail, so it will be all theirs. I have a couple of questions about how best to...


    ~QUAIL BASICS FOR BEGINNERS*~ *The information and advice in this article are based solely on my personal experience and research. Cover photo from @Kiki. All quail in photos are different varieties of Coturnix quail and their eggs, including Pharoah, Jumbo, Pansy Fee, Pansy, Rosetta, Rosetta...
  18. QuailTail

    Can quail use this waterer?

    Hey everyone! Will coturnix quail be able to use this waterer? Alternatively can anyone suggest something I can use that will hold enough water that it won't need refilling every day for around 10 quail? Thanks in advance!
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