1. Wandering_r0gue

    A Little Morning Victory Dance

    With my latest hatch: here's the details... Last chick to hatch was about 4 days behind the first, and needed help. I essentially did an egg cesarean. Now, I may have caused the problem, but was worried it wasn't going to be able to hatch on its own. Things didn't look great... it was still...
  2. S

    Advice for pipping quail, day 22...

    I have a clutch of 15 eggs, all viable as of day 14. It's now day 22 for my quail and yesterday we had 5 start pipping. The humidity has been between 50-70% since day 14 and heat at 99.5. Is it true it can take 12-24 hours for quail to "unzip"? Any other advice for a first-time hatcher too...
  3. LaughingLagomorph

    Is it worth it to order hatching eggs in November??

    Is it worth it to order hatching eggs through the mail in November? (I live in Virginia) I want to order quail hatching eggs but should I take the risk of them getting chilled? Does anyone have experience with how much this will affect the hatch rate?
  4. M

    Quail integration?

    Hey guys! Something broke into my quail coop and killed all but one quail it’s like they just disappeared out of the coop minus some feathers outside of it. Idk what even got in really? The holes to the coop are so small… Anyhow… I don’t want the single quail to be lonley and was wondering...
  5. yamashta

    Japanese Quail questions

    Howdy, I'm new here. I have quail but they're young and still indoors as my hutch isn't QUITE ready for them (I want to make alterations and want to make them before moving them into it, as it'd probably be stressful to get them used to being in it only to pluck them out for a time while I alter...
  6. M

    Quail Crimes and Quail Help

    Hello! I have a quail who seems to be causing issues. She has been starting to try and peck my other hens in the eyes. They are the same hens that she had flocked with for a while. The only thing that’s different is the age difference. I was told she was a jumbo coturnix (she is not) and that...
  7. M

    Quail swollen joint

    Hey guys! I have a little quail who has had a swollen joint on one leg. It has had mild improvements but was curious on other folks opinions. I don’t have an avian vet in the area. I just want to make sure she is doing well and improves.
  8. M

    Jumbo Coturnix sexing

    Hey guys! I just got some jumbo coturnix. The person who I bought them from said that jumbos cannot be sexed. They are white… so obviously these cannot be feather sexed. But can’t they be vent sexed? I have had only standard but would imagine it’s the same?
  9. T

    High chance of failure since humidity was high?

    Hello everyone. I am an amateur hatcher myself (this is my first incubation...ever), and was brought in to the hobby when my friend gave me 6 Coturnix eggs. So far, 2 have shown no development, and were cast out, and the other 4 are cooking away! 2 are fairly close to hatching, I would say day...
  10. S

    Quail wounds--pictures--inside job or predator?...

    My 10 week old hens live outside in a pen. Maybe 3-4 weeks ago I reinforced it with small chicken wire 2 ft up from the base after one of my hens was beheaded by a predator. (I reinforced it that afternoon.) Then, the following morning another hen had a head wound. not too bad, bloody and some...
  11. sleepycat

    coturnix quail chick colors

    got two chicks with strange coloring, was wondering if anyone knows what they are?
  12. BlueHorse17

    Coturnix Quail Chicks - San Jose, CA

    Straight run, four day old variety Coturnix quail chicks. Located in San Jose, CA and they are $5 each.
  13. The chicken nurd

    Building a quail coop and need some advice

    Currently, I’m buildings a third coop that eventually will be used for Coturnix quails and I need some advice to make sure my plan sounds ok to you guys with quail I was planning on building a coop/run set up inside my chicken run, the run is 11×12 currently, and I was thinking of walling off a...
  14. Wandering_r0gue

    Trying to find solid answers

    Ok all, I have been searching for answers and I know there are similar threads to this, BUT, I keep seeing soo many mixed answers and opinions, I am hoping to get something more concrete: My quail are coming up on 3 weeks old, are mostly feathered right now (Heads are starting, and chests are...
  15. spiffyvanspot

    Quail with Eye and Ear Problem

    Recently my coturnix quail developed a squinty, irritated eye. Now I found his ear covered in a scab-type material with his ear hole clogged. I cleaned the area with saline and applied a little bit of Triple Polysporin, but I didn't want to dig anything out of his ear just in case. My regular...
  16. eddie_van_quailen

    Aviary questions (foundation leveling and hwc)

    Sorry for the long post! I want to make sure we do this right the first time... We're constructing an outdoor aviary for our coturnix, and have finally just finished weatherproofing all the wood with Timber Pro IWS. We have our blueprint and everything, and we're ready to start building...
  17. Wandering_r0gue

    Final results of first ever hatch.

    Alright, first hatch is wrapped up and this is the breakdown of My results: Ordered 36 coturnix quail eggs from Breezy Bird Farms (South of Winnipeg, MB Canada). They shipped on a Monday, I got them the next day (March 21). (Paid a premium, but they arrived quickly). After a candeling for...
  18. Wandering_r0gue

    White coturnix genetics issues?

    I have a question for anyone who can answer... The last four eggs that have hatched, all late, have been pure white quail, and smaller than most that have hatched so far. I have also had to help 2 of them hatch as there were shell issues trapping them in. The question: is there anything in...
  19. ForTozs

    Rotating the male as alternative to polyamory?

    Forgive my post title, it's the best I could come up with. I have been contemplating getting chickens for years, mostly for the eggs, but my recent move into a neighborhood with a HOA put the nail in that coffin. After some research, I've learned of the potential of Cortunix, and so I've decided...
  20. Qquails899

    Can I handle quail when I’m sick?

    I know. This is quite a silly question. I’m just wondering if I can touch my quail while I have a fever, because I don’t want them to get sick. Thank you in advance :)
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