1. T

    January 2021 Quail Hatch Live!

    Lockdown has commenced and it's time to see these little guys emerge from there eggs. Check out the live stream!
  2. KenjiQuacker

    How high can quail jump??

    Hello there! I've been using BYC basically everyday now, so here's another thread! 😆 So I'm planning on letting my quail (once they're fully mature) roam around my moms garden, but we need to figure out how high the fence needs to be. My friend knows how to clip quail wings, so we're planning...
  3. pink-quail.png


    My seven Christmas 2020 chicks are almost 4 weeks old. Right now, a couple of them have pink feathers. PINK! That is so cool -- I can't wait to see real colors they develop into.
  4. CovidtimeQuail

    My first article: Hatching chicks and incubator hack

    How I tweaked a still air incubator for better results I posted it in the incubator section, so I wasn't sure if the quail fans would see it. Here's the short...
  5. J

    Sick Coturnix Hen

    I have a large female celadon coturnix who is listless and shows no interest in food, when normally she eats like a cow (this bird is enormous). She sits hunkered and I may have seen her stumble a bit. Passes mostly clear feces with traces of white. I did notice a pink spot in one of her...
  6. Wild-Turkey

    A Few Mixed Questions About Coturnix Quail

    Hello, I currently do not have Coturnix quail but plan to raise them a couple years in the future, I have a few questions about them if that’s fine. :frow What size aviary would be appropriate for around 5-10 starting out, also would they be fine with an inside aviary and an outside aviary they...
  7. Shmegel

    Help figuring out quail diagnosis

    My 2.5 year old female coturnix quail has started lying on her side all the time. She can’t seem to put weight on her right leg. She’s able to move both legs, but she can’t walk. Vet says it’s probably either a nerve issue, abdominal mass on left side, stroke, sprain or soft tissue injury, but I...
  8. A

    Couple Qs about new flock

    I'm building a large aviary for my new flock of coturnix quail. I'm doing a brooding experiment, having my quail hatched by another farmer, and taking them "under my wing". When should I have the newbies move into the aviary? I'm doing a survival of the fittest type beginning, with a hands off...
  9. Shmegel

    Help- Adult Female Suddenly Can’t Walk

    Two days ago, my adult female coturnix quail stopped being able to walk. She just keeps falling over onto her side and kicking her legs in circles on the ground. I’m not sure what’s going on- what can cause this? She hasn’t laid an egg in two or three days. I thought maybe she was egg bound...
  10. Coturnix basic care

    Coturnix basic care

    This is the care sheet that I give to my customers when they buy their first quail. I hope you find it helpful! For new chicks less than 2 weeks old: Housing: Chicks will need to be kept in a brooder until about 3 weeks of age. There should be a warm side and a cool side. Keep the...
  11. Bird_Lover_17

    Fun quail notebook

    Hi. This only applies if you're a girl but i ordered this quail notebook :lol: Link Here
  12. M

    Help with Lonely Quail and Soft Shell Eggs

    Hello everyone. I have two issues that I need help with but this is going to come with a long story so here it goes. I have an almost 2 year old female coturnix quail who recently lost her buddy. So almost two years ago, I had a student hatch quails and long story short I ended up adopting one...
  13. Britt712

    Very odd egg coloration?

    So I keep coturnix quail only. They lay "normal" patterned eggs regularly, but today I found an unusual one. It is completely patternless with a tanish coloration. Any coturnix owners out there that get eggs like this on some occasion? Is this a quality issue or something I should be worried...
  14. SouthCoastEasterEgger

    Having trouble sexing adult Coturnix Quail

    So I've hatched out a few batches of Coturnix Quail, I have varying ages now- all at least 7 weeks old up to 20 weeks old. Some are from other breeders, and the last batch was from eggs of my own. For my first hatch, at about 7-8 weeks I was able to vent sex using the foam that males produce...
  15. BrahmaMom1797

    Coturnix female struggling to walk! Help!

    Hi! I’m brand new to quail keeping as I inherited a batch of 31 chicks from a friend who was victim to the recent fires on the coast of Central California. I’ve been having a great time with them but I’m not very learned on them yet. Today I sold and traded some birds, happily so as I ended up...
  16. B

    How likely is a broody coturnix?

    If I hatch eggs in an incubator is there any likelihood that a female could grow up to brood her own? Are there any particular types that are more likely to do this? Thanks!
  17. orloffer

    Best way to trim quail toenails & beaks? Share your advice & stories!

    The coturnix quail toenail/beak trimming today did not go so well. They develop these hard balls of debris/poop on their toes, and their feet are so delicate that completely removing these balls isn't really realistic, at least with the tools I have. The quicks in their nails were longer than...
  18. jaymean

    Red, scaly rash and missing feathers on belly

    My coturnix quail has a developed a red, scaly rash on her belly and feathers appear to be missing. I don’t know how long she’s had this. No major changes in behavior except she no longer jumps on top of her sandbox (her favorite). She still dusts in her sandbox, but not as much as before. She...
  19. orloffer

    Are anyone else's quail seemingly made of dust?

    My coturnix quail are a lot dustier than my chickens. A layer of quail dust coats the rims of the coop doors, the entire top of the 4-sided nipple waterer, and probably most other places too. It can't be healthy to breathe in, so I try to wear at least a cloth facemask whenever I am around them...
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