crazy chick disease

  1. B

    Bad Hatch!!! Sick Chicks?

    Help!! My hen went broody and hatched several chicks just recently. It was not the greatest hatch and five chicks did not live as of this moment. I have two in the house currently because they did not look well. One, named Meatloaf, was very wobbly on the day of her hatch. She seemed to get a...
  2. C

    Crazy chick disease? Day old chick

    Hello all, we recently hatched our first chick ever from my aunt's neighbors frizzle (it may be a silkie frizzle mix). We are very new to this and noticed that the little one tucks its head and walks backward. It seems ok for a moment but then back to the tuck and backward. Also very unstable...
  3. thatbeechick

    New hatchie has Encephalomalacia... odds of survival?

    Hi all, I had an emergency 3 days late hatch yesterday with this little one, she was unable to get out of the egg on her own despite fully absorbed yolk and receded membrane veins, I had to lift her out, clean her up, provide vitamins and electrolytes and warm her up (She was VERY cold) for a...
  4. E

    Please help my 22 days old RIR chick

    It started before 4 days, I don't know it's Marek's or Crazy chick disease. I am giving 2 drops of enroflaxin from day one. Liver tonic & Paediatric multivitamin drop for 2 days but still no improvement. Please help me to save my chick.
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