1. D

    Crazy duck

    One of our ducks keeps attacking my husband boot when he goes to put them in for the night! We have lost a lot of new bantams as well. A lot of our flock were given to us and wandering why this duck likes my husband's boots? Just inquiring on what is good for growing around their pen. Wanting...
  2. C

    Can you hatch eggs using the heat from a refrigerator?

    Tldr; yes I had recently acquired a pair of coturni quail and was super excited about hatching out their eggs. I was waiting for the incubator to come in the mail but due to the rona everything was delayed so my dad suggested that the heat from the fridge should suffice so we tried it. After...
  3. B

    My 3 week old chick is going crazy. Help!

    I got 3 barred rock chicks a little under 3 weeks ago. Their behavior has been normal until about an hour ago. We took them out of the brooder temporarily for about 20 minutes to change their bedding, and put them in a smaller box. They started aggressively trying to fly out after about 10...
  4. B

    Legal Help (?)

    I need some advice on what we can do. I'll give you the entire story from the beginning. -My family moves into a nice fixer-upper. We build a 14 x 14 chicken coop and get six bantams and 6 guineafowl. 4 of them are roosters! - We get a few more because we don't want the rooster problem to build...
  5. BarredRockMommy

    Everything House Chicken!

    This is not an argument ground! I feel like this topic is very touchy with some people, so please read the following rules. Rules! ~ if it's not nice don't say it ~ have fun showing off your house chicken(s)! With that over. Let's get on, us crazy chicken owners! Here you can post anything...
  6. imneva

    I have 2 uncooperative chickens

    so i have 2 of my girls laying eggs just helter skelter. 1 on a shelf which is tolerable but the other just drops her egg where ever. I have found eggs out in the middle of the yard 2x. Not in a hole a fluffy spot or even under anything just out in the yard like she was walking along dropped...
  7. Zoe Adell

    Rooster acting crazy

    i have a rooster that is a little over a year old and lately he has started acting crazy. He is the only chicken doing this. He will stand still for a second and then start running like something is chasing him. He also shakes his head like there’s something on his wattles. His wattles have...
  8. H

    Baby chicks go crazy and scaled an 8ft fence

    I am new to raising hens and have a mixed flock of 2 roosters, 5 hens, all 9 weeks old and breed is mixed but they all have same full favorolle father. I keep them in a 5x10 chainlink kennel with open top under trees during the day and free range when I’m home. At night, we put them to bed at...
  9. P

    Kamikaze Chicken

    I have a Rhode Island Red who is just starting to lay; 4 months old? She is a crazy one. Super loving and sweet but she gets in these weird moods and blazes around the yard at full tilt slamming into the wall and fences and injuring herself. Today she was super hot so we went to get her and...
  10. L

    Crazy Chicken (Blood Warning)

    Hi guys, we have had five chickens in a spacious coop for going on two years now. The chickens have always gotten on fine, and are extremely passive compared to chickens I've seen in the past. This morning my dad got up to clean the cage and found four of the five chickens had blood pouring from...
  11. Cayuga momma

    I'm surprised. My cat actually defended my chick!!!!

    So we have 1, 7-week old chick and 4, 1- week old chicks. The cat is kept away from the 1 week olds, but has been around my 7 week old (under watchful eye) since she was 2 weeks old. Usually she bats at her. Lately I have noticed them chase each other around. But lately (with the warm weather)...
  12. Wagnit09

    Poop Door ...literally.

    So, in looking around I see lots of creative ideas. But, I'm wondering if anyone has a poop door, as in literal poop? Hubby always tells me "you design it and I'll build it" but he is great at improvising, too. I designed my coop to have a storage area. Originally, the "human" door accessed the...
  13. ericsgirlie

    Need Help!!! Our County is trying to make unrealistic backyard poultry farming laws

    What points can we make to build a case that this is wrong? If you want to sign the petition, you can do so here and even comment on why this is wrong. SIGN PETITION!
  14. MokiYoki

    My Project Breed Plan

    I think I'll call them Blue Spot Chickens. I'm intending for them to be extended black silver based with charcoal and other melanizers. I also want to have both mottling and leaky heterozygous dominant white breeding true (aka all 3 colours look good even in a mixed flock) along side the solid...
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