1. M

    First time chicken rescue, crop impaction? Please help!

    Hi everyone! I’m a first time chicken mom and unexpectedly rescued a chicken yesterday. I’ve always wanted chickens but I’m not prepared at all! I have no idea of her precious situation as she was found stranded, chased under someone’s porch by a dog. (No injuries from that). Shes living in our...
  2. HenLuv

    Lump above crop, left-side neck?

    One of my 2-year-old Australorps has a slight lump ABOVE her crop on the left side of her neck. She seems fine/eats/etc., except that she hasn't laid an egg for 3 days now. She is the alpha, and our power egg producer. She skipped a couple weeks in winter, whereas my other two skipped a couple...
  3. G

    Bloody poop and swollen crop. Help!

    Two sick chickens, about 10-12 weeks old. 2 have already died. It started with one sick looking lethargic chicken, we I picked her up fluid came out her mouth. I vomited her and then brought her inside overnight giving her only water thinking it was sour crop. She had very watery poop, by the...
  4. A

    Emaciation causing cropstasis

    I’ve been working hard to try to support my hen post crop impaction and sour crop. I’ve had some great guidance from this forum but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever made a connection between continued crop stasis due to emaciation? This girl is critical in regard to her concave breast and...
  5. WakaFlockaChickens

    Baby chick with possible impacted crop - twitching head repeatedly. Advice needed!

    Hi everyone, I have a group of 5 one-week old baby chicks and last night my chocolate sexlink (that we are now affectionately calling Twitch) started shaking her head and scratching at her neck/chin area. I have checked for mites and lice and I have examined her face and beak, and there is no...
  6. Janzen

    Need help: Chick with an inflated crop..foamy vomit

    I have a 6 day old chick with a very huge crop, filled with foam. Background/environmental conditions: Because a few had pasty butt, at the advice of the hatchery, I tried some raw ACV in their water. The chick feed I have used is Manna Pro medicated chick starter. Bedding is pine shavings and...
  7. PileatedFarms

    Sour Crop? Pendulous Crop?

    I have a hen, Mars, who had a swollen crop yesterday and still has it today. I just separated her to make sure I could withhold food, but she'd obviously rather be with her gal pals. I want to help her as quick as possible! She is acting completely normal, eating/drinking/laid an egg yesterday...
  8. D

    Crop problem or sick chicken?

    I have a Buff Orpington about a year and half old and I’m worried there’s something wrong. I noticed her crop isn’t extremely full lately like it usually is. Her crown looks normal and she’s running out playing with the flock too. She laid her last egg the beginning of December and then had...
  9. J

    Chicken had broken soft-shelled egg inside her; likely impacted crop. Need guidance before it's too late.

    Hi BYC community; my little Virgilia is almost 2 years old - she's a golden commet. yesterday she sat in the nesting box all day, fluffed up like a broody hen. but then i noticed egg white in her poop. and then later she passed what looked like a mangled soft shelled/malformed egg along with a...
  10. B

    Dougie crop treatment help please

    Hello My ex battery hen has had some ongoing crop issues which we have previously touch wood managed to fix. However the last two days her crop has filled up again this time however it feels like dough rather than a hard mass or liquid and sour. I’ve read doughy crop is a separate issue but...
  11. BellasBunch

    Good morning ya'll! Hen crop issues and really need help!

    Thank you for taking time to read this! I appreciate your help! So 6 nights ago my 8 month old Ameracauna hen was leaking fluid from mouth when I "tucked her in". I brought her inside as the other hens were pecking on her. Read for hours, then in the morning I incorporated my plan. I made her...
  12. TundraFang

    Crop wont empty

    Yesterday I noticed my scissor beak chicken, Mocha, wasn't acting like her usual self. She was sitting in a corner with her feathers fluffed and her wings down. She wouldn't even come to me for food. I took her to a vet and I was told she should be put down because of her deformity. She has...
  13. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Possible gut obstruction

    If a bird’s crop doesn’t go down like it typically would throughout the day, does that mean there’s an obstruction? Someone mentioned giving it some coconut oil to lubricate, and another person has said to give them grit. But it may be that grit would only further blockage. What should I do?
  14. J

    Mystery Illness, Potentially Crop Related?

    Hello fellow chicken keepers! Looking for insight regarding health concerns in our flock. Here's the scoop (I'll try to be brief): I noticed one of our hens had been having diarrhea and was losing weight. In addition, her crop was distended. I took her to the vet and he treated her for an...
  15. Saaniya

    Bromelian Killed My Beloved Rooster : Yellow Urates Mystery Solved

    Today I Lost my very beloved chicken whome I raised like my kid.. And I was struggling since many days for a proper diagnosis in which I heard many multiple.things multiple solutions and remedies which lead him to death where his autospy shows there's nothing like that . Teetee was first show...
  16. aimz127

    Crop issue in underweight pullet - Sour Crop? Worms?

    One on my pullets passed suddenly yesterday which prompted a widespread inspection of the rest of the flock. This is the first year of having chickens and I thought things were going well - aside from the lice, which is another matter. I have one wyandotte pullet (~4ish months) who has always...
  17. LemonAid

    Chicken sick for 8 weeks (mystery illness)! Lemon needs help!

    Lemon, our beloved pet chicken, has been sick for over 8 weeks. I've tried nearly everything, but she continues to decline. No bird vets available in the area, so I really need your help! Picture of healthy Lemon (scroll down for pictures of sick Lemon) Main problem: Slow crop / crop...
  18. fortoria

    Sweater question

    I have an older hen (5+ years) who has a pendulous crop. A year ago we took her to the vet for an impact problem and she's doing much better but we keep her in a "crop bra" (a modified face mask strapped to her wings and held in place with a clip) to help keep her supported and help her...
  19. K

    Bright red crop!

    I’ve noticed one of my hens has a bright red crop! Should I be worried? The skin is slightly blotchy. It is still emptying perfectly each morning, and in its empty state it is still bright red. She has also been blind her entire life - I say this because she is capable of eating suspicious...
  20. M

    Crop on Shoulder Blade ??

    I have a two or three week old english orpington i brought home. It seems like her crop extends to her shoulder blade ?? Also her skin is nearly black in some places , her vent area and wings. Also on her vent area towards her stomach she is loosing feathers. What could this be?
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