1. Nikuchan

    Lace Wyandotte eating but afterwards does a neck dance

    I found our Silver Lace in a corner with her feathers all fluffed. I picked her up and she seemed thinner than normal. She wasn’t eating with the other girls. The hard freeze was hitting so brought her inside along with another hen with a hurt foot. She had watery stools. Her crop felt full...
  2. H

    Weird Chicken Crop!!?

    Hi guys me again another question about the runt that hatched (we call them chicken nugget now :love) About a week ago we found what looked to be a bubble we decided to keep an eye on it when we realized it was the babies crop!:eek: It’s not a question about the crop but more on where it is, the...
  3. chickmamat

    Emaciated hen. EYP, IMPACTED crop. Impacted Gizzard.

    3 yo RIR. Has been “off” for over a year. Goes through cycles of lethargy. Hasn’t laid in quite some time. Smallest in the flock, bottom of the pecking order. Has had sour crop before (3 months ago) and I was able to alleviate it by regurgitation. She immediately perked up, resumed normal...
  4. Cattt123

    Air bubbles under chicks skin

    Hi all, I’ve read all I can on here about this but looking for some opinions. Chick is a couple days old. Very lethargic, still eats and drinks but needs encouragement. Chick has a critical care vitamin water and has had a very small amount of boiled egg yolk. You can see in the pics there is...
  5. F

    Accidentally cut the crop

    Hey everyone! First time butchering one of my roosters and as I was doing it I believe I cut the crop (the balloon type thing on the esophagus) . I was wondering if I still removed it, if it is safe to still eat the chicken? It looked like there wasn't anything in the crop when it happened. Any...
  6. Barredrocker99

    Post impacted crop surgery

    Hey guys!!! So I recently had to do impacted crop surgery on one of my beautiful BR. It’s been about five days since the surgery, and she’s doing really really well. She’s been eating all the scrambled eggs I give her(not too much, just small portions with probiotics mixed in), drinking lots of...
  7. Beverrlly

    Hen with suspected impacted crop, swelling between legs, no appetite

    Hello! I've had chickens for many years on and off but I've been (fortunate?) enough to never have a sick bird, just a suddenly dead bird. Here's what I'm dealing with: About the bird: Speckled Sussex, 1.5 years old. Purchased from MyPetChicken as a 6 week old to replace a racoon loss...
  8. K Mole

    Lump on chest of chick?

    Good evening, One of our chicks has a large, round lump on her chest. I know that chickens have crops, but this seems larger than her sisters and hard. This is also our baby chick who has random bald spots, so I'm getting worried. Does it look normal or should we be worried?
  9. S

    Impacted duck crop?!

    Hi everyone, I just want to check my duckling is okay! He seems to eat and drink fine (his breathing has been a little stuffy when he’s eating) but he almost looks like his chest isn’t right?? I’m going to book him a vet appointment but just wanted to see what everyone thought before I did:(
  10. Emrosenagel

    sour crop?

    Hello! While checking my chickens' crops, I found that one had a very squishy crop compared to the others. I hadn't noticed before because she acts perfectly fine, but now I'm concerned after looking it up. I went back in the morning to check if it was empty and it did feel flatter. Does anyone...
  11. ChickenKeeper8

    Small Impacted Crop: To Perform Surgery or Not?

    Hello fellow chicken lovers! I hope you guys can give me your opinions on my poor little chook, and her small impacted crop. So....Let me start to explain.... 2 weeks ago, my Rosie was acting constipated but had a large squishy crop. So, my first thought was sour crop. I gave her some yogurt...
  12. G

    Sick Chicken - Possible Crop Issue - Please Help!

    Hi All! First time poster here.... I've noticed my chicken looking really sick lately and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts (pictures below). She's just standing around hunched over and closing her eyes often. She definitely has a swollen crop, and it feels kind of mushy, not super hard...
  13. H

    Help! Sour vs impacted crop?

    Help! Help! My golden sexlink is about a year old. I believe she has a crop issue. I think that this has been building for a few days (3-4 days). Yesterday she ate a lot, but then distanced herself from the other hens. Not sure if she has been pooping or not. I gave her some water mixed with...
  14. plaidapus

    Help! Scabs all over chicken

    A few days ago, I noticed our Delaware was losing feathers. She's a few months over a year so I thought she was having an off first molt and didn't notice anything on a cursory check. Yesterday, she was lethargic and drinking a lot of water. Upon checking her, I found horrible dark gray scabs...
  15. P

    Sour crop and poop issues

    Hi everyone, My sweet hen Penny has an ongoing sour crop but recently started having unusual poops. I was very worried about her because she wasn’t preening, eating or drinking water and her crop was really bloated. She ended up having a very unusual poop (see pictures). I have never seen...
  16. S

    8 week old chick hunched over, large crop?

    I have 3, 8 week old chicks and the last few days one that I think is the only pullet has been more docile and all hunched inside her feathers most of the day, with her short tail pointing down. I attached some bad quality pictures, but it gives the idea of how she has been looking, even when...
  17. WatkinsCluckers

    Impacted Crop

    I have a Silkie hen that her crop is huge and will not go away over night. I took her to the vet on Friday and they said that the X-ray (yes, I spent way to much for this hen) shows that everything in there looks like it can pass and I need to give her these drops and quarantine her from the...
  18. H

    Sickly chick and trouble with crop not emptying

    I have six 1.5 week old d’Uccle chicks. I bought them from the feed store at 1 day old. They're on straw for substrate and eating medicated chick food made into wet mash. Most of them seem very robust and their crops get full and empty pretty normally. I’ve noticed a few gag every once in a...
  19. S

    Chicken squeaking? Lump on throat?

    Hi there A few months ago my brown Pekin bantam chicken started making different noises to her usual sounds. Her usual sounds seem to be more high-pitched than usual, almost like she’s whistling/screaming/squeaking. There has been no chan in behaviour, she’s still as lovely as usual and eating...
  20. zweibucherwurm

    Baby chick with crop issue?

    Hi, I have 5 chicks that are about 10 days - 2 weeks old. 2 of them (my Easter eggers) I noticed this afternoon had huge distended crops. This is my first time raising chicks, though I've had chickens for 4 years. I called the farmer who sold them to me who suggested I take out the wood chips...
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