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  1. L

    Lavender Orpington Rooster X Red Sex Link Hen... What will my babies look like??

    Hey guys, first day as a real member of the BYC community, been a lurker for years. Joined literally just to ask this question. lol. Attaching pics of the rooster and hens. The only Lavender hen isn't laying quite yet, so all the babies will be a crossbreed. Has anyone done this particular cross...
  2. G

    Bantam silky Jersey Giant cross

    I have a chick that is a cross between a black bantam silkie (hen) and a white JG (Roo) I know crazy right. She got out and I couldn't catch her for 3 days so she was with the big chickens. I collected her eggs from the yard and thought I'd try to hatch them. And sure enough she had been bred...
  3. TrentT

    Show me your mutts!

    Post pics of your favorite crossbreeds! I'll kick it off with my blue wheaton ameraucana X red shouldered yokohama
  4. BestDiscoMan13

    What are the Best Chicken Crosses?

    What are the best chicken crosses? What mixed breeds of chickens are your favorite and why? What chickens are most broody? What chickens are most quite? What chickens produce the most eggs? What chickens are friendly towards other chickens and humans? What’s your favorite cross breed chicken and...
  5. AustralorpLover1004

    Is my rooster a cross breed?

    I have a 3 1/2 month old Dominique cockerel, but I’ve been noticing some differences in his plumage. On over half of his black and white feathers, he has a little bit of tint (greenish purple) kinda like an Australorp. Does a Dominique’s coloration have tints in it? I also have seen that their...
  6. Bridget-Louisiana

    EGG PRODUCTION: White Leghorn - Rhode Island Red Cross

    HAS ANYONE OUT THERE CROSS-BRED A *WHITE LEGHORN* rooster to a *RHODE ISLAND RED* hen? If so, can you tell me what the EGG PRODUCTION is like (color, size, frequency in laying, etc..)? I read that this particular cross outlays the org. pure breed. - - - - - - Last year, I decided I wanted...
  7. jessicamiller82

    Belefielders and Marans

    Hello, I have Belefielder hens and a Black Copper Marans rooster. I was wondering if anyone has ever crossed these two breeds before? If so, do you have pictures? What do the eggs look like? I am curious to know if they would be worth incubating. I have a single blue Marans hen and she is the...
  8. sassysarah

    What kind of Brahmas do you have?

    Hey! I thought we could talk about brahmas! Any kind! Especially rare crosses! Please post pics!!!
  9. Fallenone05

    Swedish Flower x Buff Brahma

    Hi everyone! I let my Buff Brahma hen sit some eggs, and her baby hatched! I know it's hers because her chick has inherited her feathery legs. Its daddy is a Swedish Flower Rooster. This their colorings for now! I was wondering what yall think of how they'll be colored as they age? Thanks so much!
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