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  1. waltonwannabe

    I'm takin' a breed poll

    I've got 3 babies that are 4 weeks old. They are full size chicken breeds, but hatched by a Silkie mama. When the Silkie went broody I gave her the 3 eggs, but not sure of which hen they came from. (I have numerous breeds.) I have one Buff Orpington rooster, so I know who the dad is. I am...
  2. Labelles Velders

    Silver Inheritance?

    Before I start: This is all under the assumption that what I think I know is true, that silver is a dominant sex-linked trait, and turns gold/red color white. Hopefully that is true. I have a 12 week old pullet that is bred from an EE hen and a Lakenvelder rooster. All of her feathers are white...
  3. R3M1X

    Pretty boy♡

    I am mainly posting because I am surprised by the turn out of one of my first bred chickens (the only animals I was ever successful at breeding were guppies and gerbils, but they require hardly anything for that ). He is a cross between a Lavender Orpington and Sapphire Gem. His feathers feel...
  4. Jethro_Farms

    Black Copper Maran & Buff Laced Polish Mix

    One of our sweet Polish hens hatched three of her eggs a couple of days ago, and it was a completely adorable surprise! Now we're at a loss trying to find what these little ones are going to look like and whether there might be a chance that we might have a roo, or 2, or 3 on our hands? Or if we...
  5. Q

    Hi from North Carolina!

    I’m a farmer with a mixed flock, newly adopted ranging from 4 weeks to 1 week old. I have 1 rooster and he’s in charge of 15 ladies. The Rooster is a Rhode Island Red The hens are as follows: Amauracana Barred Rock Silver-Laced Wyandotte Buff Orpington Rhode Island Red Araucana I plan on...
  6. Awtdaniel05

    Crossing chickens to get a real breed

    What breeds can I cross to get a real breed that is not a barnyard mix?
  7. JinxieJem

    Gender guesses please

    Hi, I have 3 LF crossbreeds that are 16 days old and a cuckoo pekin bantam that is 18 days old. I realise its very early but I'm starting to see differences so would anyone like to hazard a guess on their sex please? This one is a welsummer/leghorn cross, it has the biggest, pinkest comb. Boy...
  8. H

    Chicken genetics book?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the chicken world and I find chicken genetics to be super interesting but also confusing. I’ve tried doing research online about genetics of feathering and egg shell color but sometimes I read opposing statements on different websites. My question is: does anyone know of...
  9. C

    Barnevelder or barnevelder cross?

    Last spring I purchased a few barnevelder chicks from a hatchery. I recently purchased a few young barnevelder hens from someone and they look more true to breed than my previous hen. I attached a few pictures of her. Could she be crossed with something else? If so, what? Or is she a different...
  10. fisherrr

    Mallard/Pekin Mix??

    My dad and I thought we were buying fertile Pekin eggs to hatch, but we hatched 2 mallard hens and a mallard/pekin? drake, named Roo. We already have 2 Perkins and a Swedish blue. Roo is the one on the righ and his sisters(?) are named Drake and Josh. Roo now has a nice full green head and most...
  11. LizzzyJo

    Anybody Have Pictures of Cute Crosses - especially Jersey Giant?

    I am getting a Jersey Giant Roo and I am excited to see what kids of babies I will get! I would love anyone's cross breed pics! My other girls are Lavender, Blue, and Buff Orpingtons, Cream Legbar, Speckled Sussex, and White Maran. Any other crosses would be great to see too! Also - will the...
  12. LizzzyJo

    Advice/tips on chick selling

    Hi All! I have two lavender orpintgons and one blue. I am planning on getting a few more fun colored heritage girls and a jersey giant roo in March. I would like to be able to have a hobby in selling a few chicks or pullets (not for much money, just for fun). Do people ever buy cross breeds for...
  13. Mahapoultry

    Crossing ayam cemani

    Okay so I crossed an ayam cemani roo with rir hens...the chicks just hatched today, I was wondering if ANYONE else has do e this, I can't find any pictures anywhere of someone else doing it. I was hoping to get the beautiful feathering of the cemani, and the production of the rir. So far we got...
  14. AudieWarren

    Buff orpington x brown leghorn

    I have a buff orpington rooster (Fabio) that my brown leghorns love. I'm just curious what kind of cross that would make. Does anyone have a cross between the two and do you have pictures?
  15. dmb1994

    Golden laced Wyandotte speckled Sussex cross

    Has any one bred these breeds together if so what did they look like?
  16. Bat

    What have we done?!

    well this girl is turning out interesting so I thought I’d share... she has black spots on her back too. Rooster: partridge Cochin x lavender pekin Hen: chamois polish Result at 7 weeks:
  17. Bat

    Fun little cross breeds

    we tried to hatch some serama with no luck but our two control eggs did make it. They’re interesting. Father was lavender carrying partridge Cochin bantam. One mother was chamois polish, the other was a frizzle god knows what. I think there might be a touch of lavender in the polish and the...
  18. Chirehe

    Breeding and Hatching suggestions? Advice?

    Hello all! I’m really excited to start hatching ducklings but have know clue where to start I have a pekin and blue swedish hen paired with a blue swedish drake currently. They are all about 20 weeks old and have not laid a single egg yet (which I think is normal) but they breed every time I...
  19. StormyJ

    3 roosters need new home(s)

    I've got a 1-1.5 year old lacewing wynadotte rooster and his two sons (nearly 2 months old) that need new homes. The rooster we didn't know was a rooster until it was too late (), and with possibly two more I can't risk them fighting and hurting each other or tearing up the hens. I don't want...
  20. Legion

    New to chickens but old as well

    Hi all! My fam owned a pig farm and hobbied chickens for eggs and meat for our family and our community. We bred leghorns, cornish broilers and Rhode Island Reds. That was years ago but now Im back at it and currently have mostly dual purpose birds(2 NHR, 4 EE, 2 GLWyandotte) All 12 weeks old...
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