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  1. Maleficent265

    White leghorn/Ameurucana cross?

    I’m interested in hatching chicks. I was hoping to cross my white leghorn roo with my ameurucanas. Does anyone have experience with this? Will the eggs still be colored? Would they still have the fluffy beards? I was just curious about traits and things...
  2. M

    Pigeons - breeds/crosses

    So, what do you think the out come will be here? I have a racer cock - and a odd winged colourd hen. She's now on eggs after pairing with the racer.
  3. BuffManM

    Silkie breeding and toes

    Hi guys i was wondering if anybody could help me. I’ve recently bought 2 black silkie hens but they only seem to have 4 toes (on each foot). Does this mean they are crossed with something else? If I were to put them with a silkie cockerel and hatched some eggs would the offspring have 5 Toes...
  4. HMulvey227

    Anyone ever cross an Easter Egger with a Speckled Sussex? Looking for pictures

    Had anyone crossed an Easter Egger with a Speckled Sussex? If so do you have pictures? Thanks 😊
  5. K

    Hens or Roos

    I hatched some chicks that are now 12 weeks old. In unsure of the sex on two of them. One of the chickens in question is a light brahma and the other is a cross between a light brahma and partridge cochin. I couldn't get good pic of the crossbred chicken's tail so I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. eveleychook

    Light Sussex Cross Chicks Male OR Female?

    Like in previous post I am again having problems sexing Sussex chickens, I recently hatched 7 out of 10 eggs. These chicks are now 4-5 weeks old and are a cross between Light Sussex and a ISA Brown and Black hen. I do not know specifically who the mother is of which chick as they all look pretty...
  7. L

    Lavender Orpington Rooster X Red Sex Link Hen... What will my babies look like??

    Hey guys, first day as a real member of the BYC community, been a lurker for years. Joined literally just to ask this question. lol. Attaching pics of the rooster and hens. The only Lavender hen isn't laying quite yet, so all the babies will be a crossbreed. Has anyone done this particular cross...
  8. MissTracy

    This is Kiwi

    Kiwi is a young pullet cross of a buff orp rooster and a columbian wyandotte. She is going to be smaller than her mama and has no butt. I love her, one of my favorite crosses I’ve hatched so far 😍
  9. micahdanielr

    Rhode Island Red Rooster crossed back with sex-link hen??

    Hello, I am wondering what will happen if I cross my RIR rooster back with some of my sex link hens. Will the hens that come out, lay just as big eggs or will they not lay very much at all.
  10. erinp26

    My first Roo

    I think I may have my first rooster. We usually get sexed chicks but wanted a Mille fleur d’uccle. We have 16 other breeds in our flock. I would love to try to hatch some eggs but I don’t know where to start & have so many questions. Can this little guy breed with other, larger breeds? Will I be...
  11. Codys_chickstagram

    Silkie cross... crossed with black copper maran

    Okay, so I have something fun to share! I have a rooster that is a silkie crosses with a blue laced red Wyandotte! And I gave him to a friend that has pure bred black copper Marans, and they gave me a few hatching eggs after about a month! This is where it gets interesting! If you look at the...
  12. Avisius

    Sex these two mixed chicks

    Hi. Can you tell me if these two mixed chicks are cockerels or pullets? The bigger one, with spots on the chest is around six weeks old and kinda looks like a pullet to me, even though in its first three weeks of life it looked like a cockerel. I think it's a mix between light brahma X silver...
  13. N

    What Breed is my chicken? Silkie with pink comb...

    Hey everybody, new to Backyard Chickens and Chickens in general. Seeking some advice on one of my girls/boys. After doing a bit of research I'm wondering why my silkie has a pink/red comb and wattles? Does this mean he/she is a cross breed. From what I've read its very unlikely for silkies to...
  14. Floofmom24

    Blue laced red wyandotte crossed with white silkie lady

    Just curious if anyone has ever crossed a BLR wyandotte with a silkie? My BLR wyandotte I am pretty sure is a cockerel. I got my fist white silkie and my BLR wyandotte this spring. But I can't stop thinking about what the chicks would look like from them. They are both so cute! I need to take...

    Best cross breed chickens

    Hi guys I wanted to know what the best crossbreed chickens you think are and what are the parents, i am after looks more then there egg laying or meat if you have any please tell me the combo.
  16. ChickChic00

    Chick Breed?

    I got a dozen eggs from a friend and 10 out of 12 are fertile and have hatched. I don't know what breeds she has but some lay light blue to light pale green eggs and I think there was a silver leghorn rooster also that I saw but I'm not 💯 percent sure. It definitely looked like it though. Had...
  17. Colorado Trav

    Ayam Cemani Hybrids, First Time Hatching Eggs!

    Hey All! We have been proud chicken owners for a couple years but a few weeks ago decided to incubate and hatch eggs from our coop for the first time! We have one Rooster, an Ayam Cemani. We started with 6 eggs, so far 3 have hatched and 2 are Piping (at day 22). I would love any insight...
  18. I

    Best crossbreeds for ducks?

    Hi I’m looking into many different breeds of ducks and really can’t decide on just one breed so are there any really cool cross breeds for egg production and beauty?
  19. TrentT

    Show me your mutts!

    Post pics of your favorite crossbreeds! I'll kick it off with my blue wheaton ameraucana X red shouldered yokohama
  20. Avisius

    Any idea what these two roosters are?

    Hi, These two roosters are 11 months old. Got them from someone not very knowledgeable on chicken breeds. Do you have any idea about what breed they might be? Especially the black one. The black one looks like a Marans, but it has this silvery-yellow leakage and the one with white I suspect is a...
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