1. ChickChic00


    Does anyone have any pictures of these crosses? Buckeye x Buff Orpington Buckeye x Rhode Island Red Buckeye x Delaware Buckeye x Barred Rock Buckeye x New Hampshire Buckeye x Jersey Giant White Buckeye x Jersey Giant Black Buckeye x White Leghorn Buckeye x Easter Egger Any pictures of these...
  2. BestDiscoMan13

    Broody Chicken Breeds

    What are some broody chicken breeds? I have a young 3 month old australop Cochin cross, what else can I cross her with when she gets older to make a more broody off spring the hen I have now is friendly gentle and sweet and she’s pretty and cute with a white face and belly and she has white...
  3. SBFChickenGirl

    Bielefelder x ?

    I just got a whole bunch of Bielefelder chicks. The breed is autosexing. So I was wondering if I could mix these roosters with any non barred hen, and get autosexing chicks. Would that work?
  4. KyleelyK

    Most varied chicken cross

    I want to know if anyone has continuously crossed equal part chicken breeds. Like for example, a white Leghorn x Rhode island red cross with an buff orpington x barred rock, creating a 4 way cross. Then breeding that with another 4 way cross of different breeds. If anyone has pics that would be...
  5. ChickChic00

    Price Mix Breed Chickens

    Anyone know how much I could sell 1 and a half month old Rhode Island Red, and Black Australorp Cross Roosters? I've been breeding the rir and ba for a bit and needing to make money as well. Winter is so hard. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  6. WynnStormborn

    Need Cross Ideas

    I have 2 roosters I bought them both from a breeder at her facility: 1st is a pure Black Ameraucana 2nd is an Easter Egger with a pure White Ameraucana father but with similar color/pattern to a laced Barnevelder or Wyandotte (unknown mother). My hens: Easter Egger that looks exactly like the...
  7. Beccazon

    TSC rant

    OK! Seriously now! I have completely lost faith in TSC for chicks. Now, I LOVE Tractor Supply. But no longer for chicks. I know some people swear by them and others don't trust them at all. I am beginning to think that the company needs to stop using different hatcheries at each of their stores...
  8. J

    Leghorn/Legbar crosses...Boys or girls?

    Hi all, I’m pretty certain that 4 of these are White Leghorn/Cream Legbar crosses, then the fifth one I’m totally unsure of! Any idea of sex? Also any idea of breed of the odd one out?! I have a cream legbar cockerel, an Appenzeller cockerel, a pekin bantam cockerel and a serama bantam cockerel...
  9. Marme

    crossing a wyandotte and a cream legbar?

    So I'm completely new to chicken genetics and was looking up how olive egger chickens come to be. I know if you have a marans rooster and a blue egg laying hen like an ameraucana or legbar you can hatch out an olive egger. I was curious what you would get with a blue laced red wyandotte...
  10. angnic22

    Looking to raise meat birds

    hey all. I’m looking to raise some meat birds. I have a huge variety of breeds - I love the wide range of colors and sizes. I was thinking about starting with several Cochin hens I have that are huge. Just not sure I’d like their meat. (I’ve heard they are really dark.) I raised some Cornish...
  11. XoPandora

    Let's see the cross breeds!

    i wanna see your crossed birds! I love chickens! Currently hatched out a bunch of Cochin crosses! Few Cochin x polish few white leghorn x Cochin a few regular Cochin
  12. RoostersAreAwesome

    'Perfect Bantam' Breeding Project!

    For quite a while, I've tossed around this idea of crossing a sebright, d'uccle, OEGB, and serama together to create the "perfect bantam mutt". The results of this cross would be exactly 1/4 sebright, 1/4 d'uccle, 1/4 OEGB, and 1/4 serama. However, until today, I had only one of the chickens...
  13. Lifeiseasy

    Mix Babies, What is Going On?

    I recently hatched 8 chicks in an incubator and since I don’t know much or really anything about genetics, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. What should I be expecting with these crosses such as sex links, general coloring etc? The roosters are one of the following two, Buddy-SS...
  14. BlueBonnet Poultry

    Chicken Crosses

    Howdy This Thread Is For You To Post Cross Breed Chickens. If You Know The Breeds That Made The Crosses Please Put It If Not Post Anyways.
  15. Blackbird_13

    Crossing Yokohama

    Has anyone done this with hens and a non yokohama roo? What did you get? I thought I had a pair (white yokohama) but I'm leaning towards 2 hens now. If I cross them with say a black copper maran roo will the males get the long tails or no? I'm not seeing anything on crosses yet.
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