crow collar

  1. SavvySilkieMom

    Anyone have a good experience with no crow collars?

    I have 2 silkie chicks and if they turn out to be Roosters I would need the collar for I live in the city. Anyone have anything to say about the collars or about silkie behavior in terms of crowing? Thanks in advance !:clap
  2. JaneBrook

    Rooster/cockerel starting to crow- who’s used a ‘collar’?

    Hi everyone- need advice about my cockerel ‘Poach’ Has anyone used a no crow collar? What’s your experiences with caponising? Or do any of you have any advice about how to stop a rooster crowing {loudly} or at least quietening him down? Can anyone share their experiences…
  3. averypls

    Crow Collar?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to get some feedback on what people think about crow collars. Im thinking of getting one for my boy only bc he crows SOOO, for SOO long & SOO early. Its constant and my inlaws are tired of it. I know it wont necessarily hurt him, but does everyone think maybe itd work...
  4. AmandaKJ

    Too soon for a crow collar??

    Hi there! I have three little 7 week old d’Uccle gentlemen that I just adore, but also close neighbors that I’d like to remain friends with. Here are my questions...Are crow collars really that effective? How soon can I start using them? Would using them sooner, rather than later, help...
  5. AniaOnion

    Silkies and Crow Collars

    Hi Fellow Chicken Enthusiasts, My partner got two silkie chicks for his backyard coop earlier this summer. One he has suspicions MIGHT be a rooster. He is completely in love with this chick and we are hoping to keep it till we can MAYBE start our farm/homestead. As such, we need to try and...
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