1. FortCluck

    Let that Rooster Crow 🐓

    Who here on BYC loves to hear their roosters crow? How do you manage keeping roosters (tips, tricks, advice)? Post pics of your roosters... Post stories... Post videos Let that 🐓 crow!!!
  2. Dr H the Rooster Saver

    New Rooster crow dampening, noise reducing device

    Hey all, I am a passionate backyard chicken farmer, and over the last couple years I designed and perfected a simple “device” that dramatically dampens a rooster’s crow to a level that is much quieter than a squawking hen. It is easy to apply. It does not choke the rooster in any way, unlike...
  3. Roster Collars: Everything you need to know

    Roster Collars: Everything you need to know

    Notice: I am writing this to help those who want to use a crow collar. Not everyone agrees with there use. It is a personal decision to use them. Please comment if you have questions, not because you are voicing your personal opinion about there use. Purpose: Rooster collars, are designed to...
  4. BestDiscoMan13

    How do I stop a rooster from crowing?

    I have a rooster he’s perfect has a perfect personality and is the perfect breed I dream of but he crows very loud and a lot and I have neighbors. My neighbors haven’t complaint yet but they might in the future. I tried giving my rooster a crow collar but he’s too smart he just takes it right...
  5. B

    I have a crow...

    When I got my chickens, and they are literally “back yard chickens” they haven’t destroyed my garden yet and that’s nice. To the point- we have two crows... oh my wow. These guys are crazy. I had ducklings (7-9 weeks) who free roamed supervised and had a secure run for when I couldn’t...
  6. Katdekema

    Sexing help!

    I swore i thought i hear her try to crow today and now I’m paranoid. Probably somewhere 10-12 weeks old do you guys see any ROO characteristics? Help lol
  7. Soleil_A

    My Hen is Crowing??? Need help!!

    Hi all!! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!! So I have a small coop of 4. An ISA brown hen, RHW hen, and 2 bantams. One a english bantam and one a seabright. Only my RHW and English one are laying and the seabright is occasionally laying. In the morning, my mom claims she hears a...
  8. PioneerChicks

    Non-Emergent: Cockeral Wheezes after Crowing

    I feel sort of guilty posting this when others have much more urgent problems, but I'll do it anyway. My eight month old silkie rooster, Peter, wheezes after he crows. I'm not sure, but I think this is new. I noticed it yesterday morning, because he crowed several times. He crows, then sharply...
  9. Drakisha

    Chicken breed

    I want to be sure on what breed this is since we've been told different things. I am still new to chickens and the 3 biggest turned out to all be roosters. The other 2 roosters are blue/grey australorps. So if you could let me know what breed this is, I'd be so thankful. :))
  10. HeatherKellyB

    Adorable Attempt at a Crow for 8 week old Cockerel

    I just had to share this because it's too cute! "KnotHead" is 8 weeks old. He is from a Crested Cream Legbar Hen and Copper Maran Rooster. My daughter named him this because he has always had a knot on his head, right before his beak starts. All 3 guys are going to be joining their bigger flock...
  11. Brahmachicken240

    BYC Rooster Crowing Compilation

    Thought it would be fun to create a BYC Rooster crowing Compilation to hear all the different BYC’ers roosters crows. How to upload your video: Download the YouTube app, sighn in and upload your video, then click on the arrow in the top right corner Then click “copy link” And then paste...
  12. Brahmachicken240

    February 2019 Rooster Crowing Show! Ends on the 28th

    Welcome to the 2019 Crowing show! Last month we had the cockerel contest This month we have the “Crow show” Rules: *ONE entry only *No fighting, this is a fun/friendly contest. * video must be of your own...
  13. Chickadee-Dee

    Button Quail bedding and indoor home set up.

    Hey there, I just have a couple questions about my wee quails. The first question is about the bedding. When I got my first one, I had no idea what to do with her. She was a petland reject that had brain damage so they just gave her to me. The store had no idea how to care for quails and they...
  14. Chickens4Life101

    Rooster loosing his voice!

    We have a Barred Rock rooster, Brooks. He is around 9 months old and suddenly he is loosing his voice. In the mornings his crow sounds pretty normal but as the day goes on it gets worse, and by evening he looses his voice mid-crow. But the next morning it is normal again and the process starts...
  15. Miracle's Box

    Miracle's Box

    My daughter loves birds, and after an extensive research on chicken breeds, the bantam Old English Game Bantam (OEGB) became the choice. Our next decision was to build our own incubator and hatch the eggs. We hoped for hens only but understood the probability of hatching a rooster. On our first...
  16. Henrybelle

    Heard someone crow today...

    They were supposedly sexed to be all female at my local feed store... but I was in my bathroom this morning and the window was open and I clearly heard a crow I could use some help identifying the culprit I have one barred rock, silver laced Wyandotte,ameracauna,red sexlink, buff Orpington, and...
  17. Puranin

    Strange noise from 7week old.

    Any ideas as to why she makes this noise. I call it a girl but I am unsure as if yet if it really it is. It sounds like a miniature rooster crow. My video is too large will try to upload another one. She is 7 weeks this Thursday. Can a rooster crow that early??
  18. R

    Maturing Silkie rooster making strange noises

    Hey all! So my lastest batch of chicks turned out to be almost all male! Besides this they are still coming along well. I already had 3 roosters and now have another 3 young roosters who are starting to mature. One of them recently started crowing! Super cute! They are all still coming along...
  19. Sarah B.

    When do Icelandic's start to crow?

    So im a first time chicken farmer and im wondering when my Icelandic cockorel will start to crow. . .
  20. HeatherLH0917

    Chickens or Crows

    These ladies were sold to me as splash bearded Ameraucanas. I knew when I first saw them that the woman was bamboozling me (I know the difference between an Americana and Ameraucana), but I took them anyways, because the supposed parents were cool looking. Jokes on me. What do y'all think they...
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