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  1. Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry It’s Been A Long While

    Sorry it’s been a long while since I last posted. Let me give you an update on their progress. My chickens are doing great. We used to have 11 chickens but two died. The two that died were Fidget the Silkie and Martha the Faverolle chicken. We had to sell the white cockerel male, which I renamed...
  2. Blue eggs and ham

    Can you identify this breed ?

    Hello I am new to raising chickens but so completely hooked I have 2 Golden sex links and 3 (I believe are Welsummers ) 1 cuckoo Maran 2 months old and 5 Ameracuna chicks my golden sex links just started laying 3 days ago. Please help me to identify my lovely ladies. Tractor store sold above...
  3. Denasmee

    Well, we heard one of our chickens rooster call, which one is it?

    I’m betting that it’s the little one, just Becuase she turned five weeks and has a red comb already and just somehow looks like a boy to me. My question is what do you guys think? We have three chickens. Two are pullets I believe. We have one buff Orpington 7 weeks old, one barred rock (or...
  4. sable43140

    What breed would you call these?

    I have a handful of lavender orpington roo over cuckoo Maran chicks in my backyard. Some have a splash looking color, two have copper feathering coming in on the neck and one is all lavender (may have been from a lavender hen). What would you call their breed, or are they just considered...
  5. H

    Male or Female Cuckoo Maran?

    I have an 8 week old cuckoo maran and I've always thought that he was a boy, but I wanna double check before I rehome him (I can't have roosters in my town)! Thanks in advance!
  6. L

    New to Chickens, New to BYC

    Hey guys! I live in a small town in South MS. I have had 2 of my chickens for almost 2 years, but I haven't learned a whole lot about them. I recently got more laying hens and some chicks. Currently I have 2 RIR (2 yo), 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes (8 m), 2 Barred Rock(8 m), 1 Cuckoo Maran (7 m), 3...
  7. KikiDeAnime

    Are They Good To Have? (Cuckoo Marans)

    Tomorrow after our garage sale I'm heading to the feed store to get some chicks to give to our broody hen, Mouse. I was originally only getting 4 Buff Orpington chicks but decided on getting 2 Cuckoo Maran chicks to add. Are they good to have? How friendly are they? Thanks in advance!
  8. TylerEngland

    My two hens - Cuckoo Marans, Barred Rock, Or?

    Bought these two girls as a few months and they were sold as Cuckoo Marans. The older they get, the more they're looking like Barred Rocks. I do have a younger Barred Rock in the flock but her face and legs look a tad different so that's what throws me off. They're about 5 months old and just...
  9. CzyChikenMath

    Cuckoo French Marans over Ameruacana- sexable?

    Hi. Here's an old post with some info. I need help figuring out the reverse.. I have the FCM Roo over the AM hen. Can't they be sexable (maybe not as easily) by white tips on wings, or somehow with spot on head or something else in the barring pattern? I think the ones I used a cream crested...
  10. lindseyloveschickens26

    Is my cuckoo maran a roo?!

    Here’s our cuckoo. I believe she’s about 4 weeks or so, we got her from a feed store that labeled the lot of chicks “pullets” but of course hat might not be guaranteed. I did some research beforehand and picked the chick with the most defined white spot and darkest feathers! But as the chick...
  11. lindseyloveschickens26

    Is my Cuckoo Maran a roo?

    Here’s our cuckoo. I believe she’s about 4 weeks or so, we got her from a feed store that labeled the lot of chicks “pullets” but of course that might not be guaranteed. I did some research beforehand and picked the chick with the most defined white spot and darkest feathers! But as the chick...
  12. JaimeP

    Cuckoo Maran?

    I got this chick at tractor supply. Apparently the bins were not marked correctly and since I’m a newbie I had no idea. Any idea what type of chicken this is and if it is a pullet or cockerel? I posted pics from 1 week through now at 8 weeks old. Sorry I am in some of the pics, lol. I’m really...
  13. pinerchicken

    Hi from Santa Rosa, CA

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? No, I was brought up along with chickens in a farm as well as many other animals. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 50+ (3) What breeds do you have? - white orpington hen - buff orpington hen - lavender orpington...
  14. S

    Welsummer or Cuckoo Maran

    So I currently have a Welsummer and a Cuckoo Maran (both from a hatchery) who recently have started laying. From what I have read both should lay dark brown eggs. According to the hatchery I got them from “Marans lay the darkest eggs of any breed“ and Welsummer are know for “the production of...
  15. Hawaiianhobbyfarm

    Can't tell if this cuckoo maran is a hen?

    Hi! We have had these two for about 3 months now from the local garden center. One of them looks a bit different, is she a he? Thank you :)
  16. luv2bmomjen

    Beautiful Cuckoo Maran 5 months old. Sweet temperament!

    Meet Cookie. Cookie came to us from a friend who was not able to keep their two new chickens because they rent their home. We moved the two of them into our flock of 4 year old Hens with ease. Not a single issue. We live in city limits and are only allowed to have 4 by law. We had a neighbor...
  17. CDA15

    What is the yellow one?

    our chicks came today!! I think I've figured out who is who based on what I ordered. But the yellow one I think is my bonus chick. Is it a golden comet?
  18. ScratchAndSeed

    Cuckoo Maran Rooster in need of a re-home (Central NJ)

    Meet Angus, our 15 week Cuckoo Maran rooster. He started life as Agnes until it was obvious he was really an Angus. Angus is one of our 6 new chicks for this year, and his been integrated into a flock of 5 already headstrong ladies. The ladies have not taken kind to Angus. They're independent...
  19. ErinIowa

    Pullet or Cockerel 6 weeks old.... New Chicken Mom

    I ordered 15 suppose to be females from a hatchery, 4 have me worried they are roos... 2 of them I'm 90% sure they are roos, the other 2 I'm not sure. #1 Cuckoo Maran pretty sure Paris is a Paul... #2 Suppose to be a Cinnamon Queen.. Pretty sure Ginger is a George, 22nd pic Ginger is on the...
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