1. Kristen D

    What's your favorite milk cow breed?

    Hey everybody! Just wondering what everybody's favorite milk cow breed, and why? Also curious about jersey cow prices in different areas for bred, breeding age, and babies?
  2. abigalerose

    Milking a cow... for the first time

    Yesterday my jersey cross heifer had her first calf, i got her as a milk cow, only problem being.. I’ve neved milked a cow before! So can i get some tips/advice/instruction? I do know how to do the actual milking and get milk out, i did so this morning while i was helping baby out (long story)...
  3. FunkyFaith

    Would this fencing work?

    We are looking to get 2 dairy goat does. The wire fencing can be pricy. But I was looking at the electric net goat fencing. The one I saw was 40 inches tall and 164 feet long. Would a goat jump out of that? Or might they learn its electric and they would be detered from jumping. Also we have...
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