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  1. The chicken nurd

    Dead Budgie

    today I found that one of my budgies had passed she was lying on the bottom of the cage so not sure what happened My question is could my 3 other budgies be sick and could it have somehow passed from my chickens to my budgies
  2. M

    Dead Bird in the Tractor

    I have 20 Cornish cross. This morning 1 stood off a bit and didn’t mob the feed and looked maybe a little sleepy. I just went out to move them again and top off water and one was dead. Not 100% sure it’s same one, but I assume so. Obviously, I removed it. Any thoughts on what it may have...
  3. Crazy Duck Lover

    Thinking back on a past attack

    So I had a duck flock already established since 2016, and in 2018 I hatched out more ducklings. I believe it was like 10. Anyway, I ended up integrating, and moving them in with the rest of the flock at my pond, which was fenced off in chicken wire (that was a mistake! they took it down real...
  4. orloffer

    *Graphic* Quail Necropsy - possible Egg Yolk Peritonitis

    I went outside to find Cinnamon, one of my coturnix quail, dead. :( Poor girl. I would like to save some of her feathers, and do a necropsy RIGHT NOW. I have never done this before. What tools should I use? Pictures to come soon, and they will be graphic.
  5. EasterEggerFlocks

    1 year old Faverolles Drops dead suddenly

    My only Faverolles suddenly died 2 nights ago. She was already stiff and in the corner of the coop when I found her that evening. I checked her over and could find nothing wrong and she had been acting fine that morning, Her comb was normal, no mites, no symptoms. They had food and water but...
  6. C

    [Graphic] Predator executed my eldest and largest roo, left 99% behind.

    Hello Chicken Forum Users, I've been a long time lurker, and this is my first post here, looking for some forensic expertise and advice. This morning I woke up to tragedy in the chicken run; which is a large fenced pen with no roof. Inside of the run is a medium sized coop, which itself has...
  7. R

    dealing with chicken deaths

    Today around 7:30 I came outside and realized that Moosie, my favorite partridge cochin wad eaten by a hawk. None of her body parts were left besides her blood. It seems like a hawk got into the coop since there was blood on the door and on the grass. I feel as if her death is my fault since I...
  8. Kale the Quail

    Dead quail... no blood

    Hi, today we found out one of our quails had died, (her name was Amy.) she was just lying there on her side and there was no blood. the other birds were fine. does anyone know any diseases that could have caused her death? and is it contagious? :oops:
  9. fowlgebra

    Egg peritonitis? Poisoning? Two deaths.

    Almost exactly two months ago I lost one of my Olive Eggers to a mystery illness or ailment. At first I thought it was Merek's but it turned out not to be, thank goodness. A friend of a friend who is a veterinarian looked at videos and pictures of her and thought it was egg peritonitis. Fast...
  10. B

    Duck suddenly died while I was at work.

    Hello all, First post here. I have a flock of 12 ducks and upon coming home from work I noticed my ducks acting a little odd so I went up to check on them. I then saw one of my Pekins dead on the ground. I’m not sure what could have caused this or if I should be alarmed that something might...
  11. subbie80

    Pale comb and lethargic

    Hi there! I have some 5 1/2 month old chickens.We live on 15 arces. We have 22 other chickens. Coop is a good size. We use poultry netting to give them a nice size run. Last night when checking in on them I notice a girl that had a really pale comb and was a little slow moving. She didn’t...
  12. HuskerHens18

    *kind of graphic* What killed this Hen?

    My beautiful Partridge Cochin has been battling the heat. I've done everything I can, I've read articles and done it all. At first I wasn't surprised when I found her collapsed in the chicken coop. Then I got closer. My coop door is left open and so is the window straight back. The window has...
  13. XLoveChickensX

    Dead Hen.. What Caused The Death? (Unpleasant Image Warning)

    Hello, recently one of my younger hens got attacked- and killed by some animal that snuck into the coop overnight. :( I'm not sure what animal did this, but it's not pretty. My young turkey got bit or something near a wing.(I don't have pictures, sadly.) He's okay. As for the hen, the whole...
  14. Jaylee52

    Dead isbar pullet - no obvious reason

    Hi everyone - I came into my coop today to find one of my favorite pullets dead and I am hoping you can help me figure out why. I had 10 pullets of mixed breed in there, all 4.5 - 5.5 week’s old. I had only just put them in there 3 days ago. Before that, they had been in two separate brooder...
  15. Clubber1234

    Black Bird story!

    Hello everyone. This is a true story of a bird in my garden: My sister found a bird egg laying on the floor outside she picked it up and came to show me. I went outside and had a look. I then took it inside and found out that it was a black bird egg so I put it back were it was. I did not think...
  16. A

    Gouldian finches dying

    I bought a pair of gouldian finches from a very well know avairy shop with 5 stars and always good reviews. After 2 days i came out and saw one of the finches dead on the ground. The shop gave me anothet gouldian as a refund, and now just then i see the older finch i got dead to. No other of my...
  17. Riley Adams

    One duck left... Now what should I do?

    Hi, I posted a thread last week about introducing new ducklings after I was left with only a drake and a hen due to a string of predator attacks. Well, I woke up this morning to find that a predator (allegedly the raccoon I caught in a live trap) had manged to get through my newly secured duck...
  18. Jayecookie

    Chicken Death (educational purposes)

    My chicken was perfectly healthy. Hawthorne(the chicken) died last night. I can only conclude it was an accident. My dogs love to chase the chickens. But this day, this time, they got a little to close. I inspected the body and it shows that while being chased the dog stepped on the chickens...
  19. Bella’s_Birds

    Calling all Budgie and Cockatiel Breeders

    Hello All, I have been searching all of Queensland, Australia to find a budgie or cockatiel breeder. If you know of any breeders in Queensland … please let me know.
  20. Lyricandnoah

    Help! Safe to butcher a frozen bird?

    We were away for the holidays and one of our hens died under our neighbors watch. He put her in our freezer thinking we would prefer not to waste the meat, which is true. We figured we would process her when we returned. So we have an entire bird, feathers and all, that has been in the freezer...
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