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  1. R

    Bantam chicken died without any signs

    I am heartbroken. My beloved frizzle bantam died today without any sign. I let all of my chickens out of the coop and into the run in the early morning. Then my husband lets them out of the run and into our large yard to free range by around 10. This morning, all went as normal until my...
  2. W

    Why did my chicken die??

    Hi all! I was so sad to discover one of my 2yr old Bielefelder hens dead in the coop this morning. Nestled into the corner at a funny angle. No signs of illness or injury previously. It looks like she fell off the roost (only 1.5 feet high) and got wedged between the feeder and the walls, OR she...
  3. CottageMamaof3

    Follow up on my dog who killed my 7 week old barred rock.

    I just wanted to write a follow up to my thread about my dog killing one of my 6 week old chicks. I'm a city girl with a country heart and now in the hill country of Texas I'm able to realize my sweet dreams of having a cottage/farm. After I watched my dog attack one of the chicks that I had so...
  4. Y

    Help please !🙏

    My whole flock die in single night😭 I'm a newbie in this field. Please experts tell me the reason of death. I have given them onion and Cucumber in the evening. And the next day I came and see all death😭 Is it because of Onion and cucumber? The chicks are very healthy. I never thought they will...
  5. S

    my chicken died suddenly.

    Hi there, I have six chickens... some are golden brown, others are black with purple and orange tinge and two are big white ones. all about 9 months. On Monday we saw the two black ones in the same nesting box as they only want to use one and one black one is brooding, the other was trying to...
  6. Deejo20

    Mail order chick arrived sick and splayed

    The worst possible outcome other than dead chicks in the mail... I mail ordered a small batch of chicks to pad my hatched batch (only 4 hatched; I ordered 8 more). 7 were exuberant and healthy. One was splayed and sickly. It made me sad but the complicating factor is my 11 y.o. daughter...
  7. benjaminzygs

    Foxes issue

    Bad news that a fox killed 4 of my hens, 3 remain left (2 girl,1 boy) this is a tragedy to us so please respect our loved hens which we tried to raise them. I am so sorry for announcing this. and now Stephanie and Peach the remaining hens are so traumatised they are cowering in the shrubs. Got...
  8. D


    Hello, So about a month ago i got baby chicks, one of them who we called Lulu was always the most lethargic one out of them since the day we got her. I noticed on day 2 that she slept a lot and didn't seem very energetic and she remained this way the majority of her life. A week later she...
  9. Scissors65

    Lost my Hen today, so heartbroken

    I just had to share, none of my non chicken owning friends would understand. I am a new chicken owner. I got my first four chickens in April 2019. Two Leghorns: Opal and Pearl and Two New Hampshire: Ruby and Scarlet. I let my girls out when I got home from work to free range the fenced in...
  10. Jajika

    Found dead this morning, no signs of distress

    I found one of my "twins", a Wheaten Aracurna, dead this morning. It appears she died in her sleep as her head tucked under her wing. I don't know what to think? Has this happened to others and your thoughts? Very sad, I love my little girls as we all do. Thanks
  11. hobbyhomesteader

    Dirty vents and deceased birds

    We've got (or had) 5 hens housed with 3 ducks. A couple of our hens have had chronic dirty vents and some diarrhea. They're housed in a huge outdoor pen (with coop inside) so it's not easy to tell who is laying or what poo looks like in great detail, but it's clear that 2 of them had diarrhea...
  12. HuskerHens18

    Are Hens More Likely To Die From Heat?

    This has been going on since May. For nearly two months my chickens have been dropping like flies. At first it was coccidia, but the deaths I always saw coming. Chickens were weak, super thin, and died within hours of these symptoms. But somewhere in that turmoil, something else began killing...
  13. M

    Officially registered to this awesome site.

    Hi all. I started out one year ago with 4 Rhode Island Red hens. Unfortunately, I am now down to 2 (1 hen died from an attack by neighbor's dog; 2nd hen died just recently from a fall). I was so heartbroken I swore the remaining 2 will be it. spouse KNEW how much I enjoy relaxing...
  14. Bird biz

    Chickens slowly dying.

    Over the past year, I have lost several chickens. They slowly lose interest in eating, slowing down and don't keep up with the flock. Then they are eventually found dead. We treat for parasite. Their diet is Egg Layers, scratch and table scrapes, giving them garlic now. Hope you can help.
  15. D

    Odd rooster death

    When I woke up one morning I went outside to my rooster to feed him and he was gone and the only thing left is his leg with the bone on it no feathers no blood no sign of what happens also my rooster isn't tiny its a huge rooster that will even attack me when I'm too close I'm just confused how...
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