delaware chicken

  1. ChickChic00

    Meat Breed/Dual Purpose

    I am thinking about ording some chicks to raise and breed for meat. The breeds I have in mind are Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and Delaware. I would like to just cull some of the roos for meat and have any females I hatch as egg layers. I have a rir rooster that I want to breed...
  2. TheChiggens

    Delaware~ CHAT Thread

    Thought I'd make a thread on Delewares knowing there a great breed! So talk away my enthusiasts! Also, I would like to see pics and hear from people trying to breed the purebred Deleware. I know for me I just have hatchery quality. But still find them AMAZING birds :love Here is Little...
  3. P

    11 Week old Delaware Rooster in Southern NH looking for new home.

    Hi! We are in Salem NH and are new chicken parents (11 weeks) today we heard a crow from one of our 4. He is handsome and extremely friendly. We have had no problems at all just a town ordinance against owning roosters. Thank You!
  4. AltonaAcres

    Aggressive Pullet???

    We received 3 Delawares (1 cockerel, 2 pullets) from a family who could not raise them, as they live in the city. As they were leaving, they mentioned that one of the pullets liked to peck them. I assumed it was just that they weren't used to chickens, and how they sometimes peck. However, after...
  5. S

    Delaware Roo, Riverside CA

    4 Month old Delaware Rooster needs rehoming. Hand raised, sweet disposition. We can’t keep him in our neighborhood and would like to give him to a good home.
  6. Saintarno

    9 week old Delaware Rooster needs new home

    I raised this handsome guy since he was 1 day old. I thought ‘he’ was a ‘she’ but unfortunately ‘Beatrice’ is now ‘Billy’. Billy need a new loving home because I cannot have a rooster in my neighborhood. He hasn’t started crowing yet but he’s a handsome and well mannered guy. I’m in southern...
  7. Saintarno

    Delaware - Roo or Hen

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to raising chickens but I’ve had my girls since they hatched. One chick needed some extra attention when she was young and I affectionately named her Beatrice. They are now 6-7 weeks and I’ve noticed Bea is acting aggressive toward the other chicks. I never thought ‘she’...
  8. Squeak61

    Looking for a Delaware

    Hi everyone! I’ve been looking for a Delaware chicken, above 8 weeks old. I haven’t been able to find any, so I’m taking to the forum to look! If anyone knows of anywhere to get one in Connecticut or Massachusetts, please let me know! Maybe someone knows a breeder here on the forum?
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