desert coop


    What is the best roof for a coop/run in the desert?

    I am finally going to start building my new coop/run for my small flock of bantam hens and am looking for some advice on the roof. I have designed a walk-in shed style coop/run that will be about 10 feet wide by 14 feet long by 6 feet tall at the lowest roof point and the entire structure will...
  2. Custom Shade Screens

    Custom Shade Screens

    We have a mini coop that we brood chicks in and plan to modify for possible broodies at some point. Our yard gets quite a bit of sun which shines through the front of this coop during certain times of the year. Eventually a tree in the front yard will be large enough to help with this. Until...
  3. A Desert Oasis Updated 2/2020

    A Desert Oasis Updated 2/2020

    We live in the desert which means hot temps, frequent wind and the occasional haboob in summer, then we freeze in winter. So when planning our coop we realized we needed versatility. Not only did we need lots of air flow, we also needed simple options to provide shade or button it up tight as...
  4. igorsMistress

    Open front coop done, chicken yard in progress

    Coop is 6x12. Nest boxes and roost are going in today. Open front faces south. The roof is white corrugated roofing over plywood. It's up on blocks so the wood doesn't rot with deep litter. Theres 1/4" hardware cloth over vents and 1/2" across the front. Not sure if I should paint the interior...
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