diy chicken coop

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    DIY backyard coop, shed conversion.
  2. Gigi Gigi

    First Coop build almost complete!

    My husband and I are building our first chicken coop and I wanted to share what we have so far. Any ideas, comments, or advice would be greatly appreciated! We watched a lot of videos and decided to go with a 4’x8’ floor plan on a raised foundation with a sloping roof. We insulated the floor...
  3. leighjay33

    Young Sebrights Helping Me Grieve

    Hey y'all! I'm sorry to get off to a depressing start. My 29 yr old daughter recently passed away and I'm consumed with grief. My whole world fell to pieces and I want to die and join her in Heaven most days. I've been living at an RV park for the last year in a 2016 Gulfstream Travel Trailer...
  4. A coop story

    A coop story

    Chickies seen through the porch window ^ So. DH has finally decided that every coop suggestion I've made is worthless, and that he will not be satisfied unless he builds the coop. Since he doesn't know much about chickens, I have a great of design influence, but...
  5. LearninMyFlock

    Your favorite, easy, cheapest, long lasting DIY coop,

    What is your easiest to make, cheapest price not cheapest quality, study sturdy, long lasting coop? I am looking to make some coops for my babies that are growing out. Well, for when they are bigger and also full grown. I think there were some easy to make pallet coops and also some easy to make...
  6. Roley

    Need help building a coop

    Hi, I'm building (well, my husband will be doing the building) for 4-5 chickens and I have no idea what I am doing. I thought about buying something off the rack because it would be easy and hassle free, but the reviews don't seem to justify the cost -unless I spend $500+. I already have my...
  7. Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    Cozy Rustic Pallet Coop

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing the coop I designed and built using old pallets. I'm petty handy so after looking at too many coop plans to count I decided to design and build my own incorporating the features I wanted for my small flock of 4-7 chickens. For starters, I wanted...
  8. AnotherMeOhMy

    Im just winging it!

    No clue what I am doing. Just have ideas in my head and Im good at finding items I can repurpose. Im enjoying caring for my lil August,definitely a fun adventure!
  9. BigATC

    Chicks in hand... coop in progress!

    3 days old. Had a quick build type kit for a 7x8 shed so decided to just modify it to fit my needs, I hope! Use some left over stuff from my shop build so that helped. Still needs paint and working on the run. Automatic (timer) pop door using solar to charge the battery. Adding more roost...
  10. Building My Own Ckicken Coop

    Building My Own Ckicken Coop

    Hi, I'm B4chkns and on my introduction post I mentioned I was building my own coop. Since then, I have been hard at work on doing that very thing. My chickens which are almost half grown have all but took over my small shed. With the weather here in Indiana and some poor planning on my part I...
  11. Rachealx4

    My Coop; A Process

    Ok guys, I am so stinking excited I just have to share! :weePlus, maybe it will help someone out. :D I decided to build my coop rather than buy one. I have never built anything bigger than a small birdhouse in my life... and that was a kit! My brother-in-law helped me build the floor and my dad...
  12. OhHeyItsDevon

    My Garage Coop and Run are Finished!

    Hi everyone, I finally got my coop and run made with the help of my best friends. It took us about a day and a half to build. I was limited on space so we decided to utilize the garage as the coop to maximize the space that we did have. The coop itself is 5'x7' (35 square feet) and the run is...
  13. V

    Help with coop floor and wall please

    Hello all. I am turning a three sided old horse structure into a coop. Going to make the walls align, no cracks or openings. But I need help with ideas for the floor and best way to build the front wall for the coop. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. PeterDenmark

    How i built my chicken coop

    Hello. I'm danish, but live in sweden. A couple of years ago i made a video showing how i built my coop and run, but made it in danish. Because i want to contribute to this forum, i have gone through the painstaking process of writing english subtitles for it, so i can share it with you. Damn i...
  15. Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    Keeping Chickens On A Budget: Tips From 'The Queen of Freecycle'

    A few years ago I decided to make annual records of everything I got for free (ok, so I’m a bit OCD, but its been fun and informative to look back on them). I place online ads or answer them; finds things at the side of the road or in the free pile at a garage sale; get fruits and veggies from...
  16. Chicken Tractor Hoop House

    Chicken Tractor Hoop House

    Chicken Tractor Hoop House *altered from one found on backyard chickens: Barred Babies made a post back in 2012 of a house that they made from a plan they saw elsewhere as well-thanks for the outline for my hoop house!!!!* Here is a list of everything I purchased: 3 - 1x6x10 ft long (treated)...
  17. D

    New to having cool chickens

    My husband & I had contemplated getting chickens for a long time. Then our friend had a Brodrock from her first flock that was a huge bully, her name is Loretta. We decided to take Loretta and then about a month later getting two Wyandott's 4 months. So now even though the little coop will...
  18. Upcycled Coop On A Budget

    Upcycled Coop On A Budget

    At the end of August I was given a structure that was essentially a 4’ x 4’ x 8’ box with 2 doors on each side - on the narrow sides one door opened upwards and one downwards and on the long sides both doors opened out. It was left on a property by the previous owner and I think it was going to...
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